You are currently viewing 11 Tips to Grow 4C Natural Hair Fast, Healthy & Long.

11 Tips to Grow 4C Natural Hair Fast, Healthy & Long.

Is it possible to grow 4C natural hair long, healthy and thick? The answer is yes, it’s very possible and on this post I’ll share tips that will get you your dream hair.

Not only is healthy hair good looking but also easy to manage, style and has minimal breakage. Is your hair healthy?  Here are signs that your hair is healthy.

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How to grow natural hair healthy and long
Growing 4c natural hair hair growth

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Healthy hair is as a result of consistent healthy hair practices and right products for your hair.

Tips on how to grow 4c hair long.

Moisturizing properly and regularly.

Natural hair loves moisture and dry hair doesn’t look good on anyone. Dry hair is also prone to tangles and breakage. Moisturize your hair every other day, after a few days or weekly. Use a moisturizing method that works best for you.

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 Personally, LC works best for me, I use mosara moisture milk as my liquid and Rovie care soft and seal CHEBE butter as my cream, they keep my hair moisturized for days to a week. Moisturized hair is also easy to manage and style.

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Deep conditioning is essential.

Deep condition after cleansing on every wash day. Deep condition using a moisturizing deep conditioner after cleansing and use a protein based deep conditioner when needed to maintain the moisture- protein balance.

Deep conditioners improve elasticity, restores & retains moisture, repairs and strengthens the hair. 

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Low manipulation & protective styles.

Leave your hair alone, not literally though. Don’t keep manipulating (brushing, combing & styling) your hair.

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Make sure your protective styles are actually protective, they are not causing strain on your scalp and don’t need daily styling, combing or brushing.

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Maintaining Protective styles for healthy  hair and growth

Dust/ Trim damaged & split ends.

I know trimming feels like you’re losing some inches but are you though? No one wants their styles looking rugged with less volume & experience more tangles and breakage because of damaged and split ends. Let those ends go sis for full and healthy hair.

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Stay away from heat damage.

Every time I use heat on my hair, I freak out because my mind goes, “what if I experience heat damage?” You too? I am glad I’m not the only one. Heat isn’t all bad for your hair. If used correctly, you will retain your hair’s health.

Detangling gently.

Don’t detangle in a rush and use a detangler with a good slip, that will melt away the tangles. Use your fingers and/or wide tooth comb and detangling brush to gently detangle. Don’t pull or snap off the tangles, separate the strands from the tangled ball.

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