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How to Use Leave-in Conditioners to Fix Dry Hair.

Unlike other conditioners, leave-in conditioners should be left in your hair until the next wash day.

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Benefits of Leave-in Conditioners
How to use leave-in conditioners
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Everything you need to know about leave-in conditioners

What are leave in conditioners.

Leave-in conditioners are moisturizing conditioners that moisturize, repair and strengthen the hair and are meant to be left in the hair until the next wash day unlike other conditioners. Some are only moisture based while others are moisture and protein based. If protein sensitive or cautious about protein overload, watch out for protein ingredients, hydrolyzed proteins.

They are either creamy (great for thick coarse hair) or misty/ spray (refreshing curls & great for fine hair.)

What to look for in leave-in conditioners.

First, pay attention to your hair needs(moisture only or moisture & protein), porosity type, how long your hair stay moisturized and your budget. The first ingredients in a leave-in conditioners should be moisturizing with water/aqua among the top ingredients. Other ingredients to look for are humectants and emollients. Look out for the sealants too, butters and oils though they shouldn’t be listed among the top 5 ingredients on the list.

Benefits of Leave-in Conditioners

  • Moisturizes dry hair
  • Reduces and prevents frizz
  • Makes detangling easier
  • Make styling easier and hair manageable
  • Strengthens and protects the hair

When to use leave-in conditioners.

  • After rinsing off deep conditioner ; Layering moisturizing products starts after rinsing off the deep conditioner, this keeps your hair moisturized for days to a week. Mikalla leave-in moisture boost keeps my hair moisturized for days while Mosara hydrating butter lasts me a week. Apply the leave-in along your length and seal with oil, butter, cream etc

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  • Refresh your curls/ mid-week touch up; you can either mix leave-in & water in your spray bottle then spritz on your hair or spray bottle then apply leave-in and seal if you are using a creamy leave-in. For misty leave-in conditioners, just spritz on your hair. Try both to find out which works best for you. You can also purchase curl refreshers for touch.

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  • Before manipulating (combing, brushing or styling). Don’t manipulate dry hair, that’s how your hair breaks. Moisturizing before manipulating softens your hair making it manageable. Also moisturize before an outdoor activity and heading out on hot weather.

The right time to use leave-in is when your hair needs it, can be weekly, daily, every other day, after every few days etc. Know when to moisturize your hair (evenings or mornings), how your hair feels like when dry and how long your hair stays moisturized.

My favorite moisturizing product is Mosara Hydrating butter.

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I would love to know what’s your favorite leave-in and how long your hair stay moisturized?

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