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3 Signs your Hair need Trimming.

Need a trim? Do you do it and how often? I did dread trimming so much cause it felt like am loosing my length, get some length then loose it to a trim? No way.

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How to know your hair needs a trim

Have trimmed a couple of times but my last trim was heart breaking, had many inches down simply because I hadn’t trimmed in a year plus.

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Last Trimming
My last trim, I got scissors excited too

African kinks are fragile and need so much TLC, trimming is part of it. Trimming is getting rid of the damaged, rough and rugged split ends. The rough and split ends will cost you gorgeous twist outs and braid outs. Did I mention how detangling will be a hustle and frizz will be your natural hair’s middle name? Yes, that’s why we all need a trim regularly.

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Why should you trim you ask. You want perfect styles, twist and braid outs, healthy hair rid of split ends , easy detangling and reduced frizz, right? Well, it’s time you had a trim. The split ends tend to travel up the strands causing damage, more knots and tangles increasing the breakage you experience. So, make a choice: excessive breakage or trim a few inches and grow a healthy and lush mane and here are signs that you badly need a trim.

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Signs your hair needs trimming.

1.Rough ends.

Once your ends start feeling rough, lifeless, weak and rugged, need more product to feel moisturized and gives your styles a rugged look or styles lack definition, it’s time you trimmed the ends. Rough ends are caused by friction between your hair and clothes and the fact that it’s difficult for natural oils to travel down the strands.

2.Split ends

Split ends can be such a pain especially for us who love twist and braid outs. Split ends thins your hair, travel up the strands too and causing excessive breakage. The more you let the split ends sit in your hair, the more the inches you’ll have to cut off.

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3.Knots and Tangles.

Knots and tangles are normal and do happen but you ought to know when the tangles and knots are too much. When taking down the braids/twists and you notice tangles/knots even after being gentle and careful, then you need a trim. Knots and tangles can lead to excessive breakage especially if you ain’t gentle with detangling. Don’t snap off the tangles and knots but instead pull off a strand a time from the tangle.

Also, once you notice your hair lacks its bounce, volume and doesn’t grow anymore, a trim might be necessary.

In other news, since my last trim have been dusting off my split ends, here’s how I go about dusting.

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