Nailing bomb braid outs

Braid out Tips for 4C Natural Hair

Nailed braid outs yet? No? This post is for you.

Hello mane embracers, thank you for stopping by and welcome to yet another awesome and educative post on braid outs.

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Today’s post is all about my tips and tricks for achieving a bomb braid out with more volume, popping and defined curls. The best thing have discovered about braid-outs is that they give me more volume than my favorite twist outs.

Tips to nail bomb braid outs on 4c Natural Hair

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How to achieve a bomb braid out

Freshly washed, deep conditioned and damp hair
I always start with freshly washed, conditioned and damp hair. I love working with freshly washed hair so that I can wear the braids for days before unraveling for a bomb braid out. Damp hair makes it easier to fully moisturize your hair for popping, juicy and bouncy curls.

To cleanse use a sulphate free or conditioning shampoo and if you hair has lots dirt and product build-up, use a clarifying shampoo.

Conditioning shampoos to use:

Clarifying shampoos for dirt and product build-up

For soft and conditioned hair, these deep conditioners are it

Braid outs on natural hair

Sectioning the hair.
If you have been following my previous posts, you already know i love to work with sectioned hair. Always work with sectioned hair, it easier and doesn’t tangle much. I work with four sections, the number of sections doesn’t really matter but the sections once braided should give you the braid out style you want once unraveled.

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I work with damp hair so I just add more moisture with moisture boost leave in conditioner before braiding. To effectively moisturize, moisturize each strand before braiding. This gives me super moisturized, defined and bouncy curls before braiding, you can only imagine how bomb the braid outs look.

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Braids and braid outs on 4c Natural Hair

Braid down your hair and by braiding down i mean braid horizontally not vertically. Braiding down gives your braid out a fuller look. The three strands should be equal to avoid borrowing and if you have to borrow make sure while unraveling you pay extra attention to the borrowed strands and take them down gently to avoid frizz.

Personally, I don’t borrow instead I twist the two strands left. Don’t braid all the way down your strands, braid 3/4 of the hair and the rest curl around your finger to give a hanging Bantu knot. Once done with braiding, I seal in the moisture with a butter or an oil, you can also use a curling cream for definition.

Looking for defined curls or rather bomb & defined braid out, use these curl creams.

Let your braids dry.
NEVER unravel braids unless they are fully dry, you don’t want a braid out with frizz. I wear braids for days before unraveling them to ensure they are fully dry.

My braids take one night and a whole day to dry but I still check if it’s fully dry by squeezing the braids on my fingers and see if there is any moisture left on my fingers. No moisture means unravel for a bomb, curly ,bouncy and full braid out.

Natural Hair braid out

Unravel your braids with your finger tips not your nails. Before unraveling, I do apply oil on my hands. Once you unravel the braids, you can gently separate the braid outs with your fingers or comb the roots to give a fuller, fluffy look but i just can’t trust myself with separating the braid out unless I have the time and patience with it. I just flip my braid out gently a couple of times and step out.

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