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My 4C Natural Hair Wash day Routine.

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Has your wash day routine, products you use changed over time or nah?

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One thing I have noticed about hair care is your wash day routine, haircare practice, routine and products will change or need a switch up over time for whatever reason.

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I’ve noticed a few changes in my wash day routine, from using instant conditioner to pre-poo instead of oils, detangling as I wash my hair, letting my hair air dry in flat twists instead of my usual braids and lastly sectioning my hair into 4 parts each side for easy manageability.

How my wash day routine looks like now.


Went from 2-4 sections real quick though I don’t feel like my hair volume has increased that much to demand 4 sections. I love working with the 4 sections because the smaller the sections, the less products you use, it’s easy to detangle & gives better access to the scalp etc.

wash day routine
sectioning natural hair

Pre – poo & Detangling.

For the longest time I used oils & on a few instances DIY Aloe vera gel  to pre-poo, until a few months ago. A few months ago sis purchased an instant conditioner for detangling that ended up being a pre-poo product and detangler.

I apply it on my sectioned hair and let it sit on my hair for 30 minutes. I do use oils to pre poo on instances where my hair feels dry, let the product sit for an hour or so before detangling.

I was that girl that detangled her hair while watching her favorite shows as a distraction from the I hate detangling, is it really necessary and I know I just started detangling but sis is already tired thoughts. Just the thought of I need to detangle will have me feeling fatigue from my head to my toes. Do you guys hate detangling or it’s just me?

How has my detangling process changed? I detangle right before cleansing each section. Hydrate the section until it’s sopping wet, apply a substantial amount of conditioner to coat every strand then detangle with a wide-tooth comb from the ends to the roots which has saved me the detangling dread & I don’t spend as much time detangling as I used to.

Cleansing & Deep conditioning.

Other than working with 4 sections when cleansing, nothing has changed. I cleanse a section at a time, once done I apply a deep conditioner a section at a time and run a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Did I mention that I went back to warming up my deep conditioner before application? This helps infuse the nutrients.

IMG 20211102 155217 edited natural hair care and growth

Moisturizing & Drying.

I haven’t used oil to seal in the moisture for some time now. I have been using warm water and mosara hydrating butter to moisturize, I thought I should mention that for those who missed my previous post. Back to wash day, after rinsing off the deep conditioner I use a T-shirt to absorb the water leaving my hair damp.

I then apply the hydrating butter on each section before braiding it. Lately, I’ve been air drying my hair in flat twists because they give me more length and defined curls.

IMG 20211116 165441 edited natural hair care and growth
The flat twists
IMG 20211116 160626 edited natural hair care and growth
Flat twist-out

I feel like my wash day routine right now is a bomb and I’m enjoying wash days because they don’t take so long like they used to. I think it’s safe to say I found the ideal wash day routine for my hair, right?

I would love to know how your wash day routine looks like and has it changed over time?

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