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Pre poo on Natural Hair; Benefits, on Wet vs Dry Hair & Products.

Is pre poo part of your wash day regimen? I think pre poo should be our first wash day step, what do you think?

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Pre poo/ Pre shampoo is the process of applying conditioner/ oil treatment before shampooing to minimize the stripping of moisture & natural oils by shampoo and also leaves the hair soft and manageable.

Why pre poo?

Pre-poo is essential especially if your hair and scalp are super dry, hair tangles after shampooing, using a clarifying shampoo and feels squeaky clean after cleansing.

Benefits of pre pooing

  • Eases the detangling process – using conditioners or oil with a good slip makes detangling easier.
  • Minimizing the stripping effect of shampoo. If you’re using a clarifying shampoo, consider pre pooing to avoid stripping of moisture and natural oils.
  • Restores moisture- dry hair? Well pre poo. Imagine how dry your hair would feel if you cleansed your dry hair. Pre-poo restores moisture back to your hair.
  • Softens the hair- conditioners and oils lubricates, conditions, moisturizes & softens the hair making it easier to manage during and after cleansing.
  • Improves the hair’s shine, health, growth and volume.
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Pre-poo on dry or wet hair?

Well, this depends on you, I would say try both and find out which works best for you. Personally, when using a conditioner I spritz my hair with water until damp then apply the conditioner. With oils, I apply it on dry hair.

Pre-poo products.

Lately, I’ve been using DIY coconut oil infused with rosemary and hibiscus. You can use instant conditioners, hair masks or oils to pre-poo. Popular pre poos;

If you’re not into DIY pre-poo, check out these products;

Conditioners or oils, which is more effective?

I prefer oils to conditioners because they are more effective. My hair feels soft and manageable unlike when I use conditioners. Sometimes I experience squeaky clean hair after using conditioners. I would like to know which works best for you?

Pre-poo overnight or Nah?

This is also a personal choice. How long I keep my pre-poo products depends on how dirty my hair is, time and the product I’m using.

I use instant conditioners on instances when my hair feels dirty/ lots of build up and when sis has a few hours to work with. Oils are my favs and I do pre poo overnight when using oils. Do you pre-poo overnight or nah?

In case you missed it?

Do you pre-poo? If no, why not?

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