Two strand twist as a protective style

Benefits of Two Strand Twists on Natural Hair.

You can never go wrong with Two strand twists. I love them because they are easy to install, style and they look amazing.

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Maintaining & caring two strand twists

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Two strand twists is my go to protective style though lately I’m leaning towards flat twists because they are easy to install, stretch my hair and give me a defined flat twist out. They are my favorite once installed, we all know how hectic twisting the hair is especially micro & mini twists.

Two strand twists are low maintenance once installed, all you need to do is to keep them moisturized, protect them when sleeping, tuck the ends, re-twists when need be and the best part is you can keep them up to 6 weeks.

Maintaining Mini Twists for 6 weeks.

Installing two strand twists.

  • Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair, you don’t want to install a protective style while experiencing build up, greasy and tangled hair.

5 Steps to prep your Natural hair for Protective Style

  • Whether to twist your hair when dry or wet depends on you, you can try both and find which works best for you. Twisting on wet hair gives me more definition than dry hair while dry hair gives more length and volume. How about you, which one do you prefer?
  • Use a curling cream or a leave-in conditioner that will hold and give a defined twist out. We all deserve a bouncy, juicy and defined twist out.
Two strand twists , how to care & maintain two strand twists 
Why two strand twist are important

How to care/maintain your two strand twists.

Twists without puffy roots on Type 4 Natural Hair.

  • Protective style- sometimes we need an easy to go to protective style that will give us a break from tangles,  styling and manipulation. Two strand twists minimize knots, tangles and over manipulation. It’s important to keep your ends tucked if your hair is long to keep your ends protected from surfaces like your clothes and jewels.
  • Versatile- have you seen the gorgeous two strand twists styles on pinterest? No? You should check them out sometime. You can style your two strand twists into a bun,  Mohawk,  updo, flat twists, ponytail etc. Currently my two strand twists are in two flat twists.
  • Convenient- easy to install, DIY style that doesn’t need any extensions and the best part is they can last you a month plus. Note that, the smaller the twists, the longer they last and if your medium or chunky twists get fluffy at the roots, consider braiding the roots.

How to care/maintain your two strand twists.

  • Make sure you have properly installed the twists, from the roots to the ends. Your twists are not unraveling.
  • Re-moisturize daily, every other day, after a couple of days or weekly, whichever works best for you. You can use your favorite leave-in conditioner, curl refresher, DIY moisturizer etc. Just do you sis, whatever your hair likes.
  • Protect your twists when sleeping. Wear a satin/silk bonnet/scarf or use a satin/silk pillowcase in case you don’t like sleeping with your hair covered.
  • If you’re keeping your twists for long, cleanse your scalp and twists by either washing your twists in smaller sections or braiding them to make sure they don’t unravel, the roots may get fluffy and that’s where the next point comes.
  • Re-twist the twists when you notice the roots are getting fluffy and the twists don’t look as juicy. You can re-twist the whole head or the visible parts.
  • If possible style your twists in a way that keeps your ends tucked to avoid them snuggling on surfaces especially if you have long hair. Style your twists into buns, tuck and pin, flat twists etc
  • Massage your scalp with your favorite oils to stimulate growth.

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I would love to know how you care & maintain your two strand twists.

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