Why twists on wet 4c Natural Hair

How To Do Two Strand Twists on Wet Hair

Do you twist your hair when wet or dry? Does it work for you? That’s what this post is about, natural hair twists on wet hair and how twist outs turn out.

I prefer twisting on dry hair but I’ve had my share of twisting wet hair. I’ll share everything about twisting wet hair. If you’re looking for twists that are firm, long lasting, defined twist and twist outs, twisting wet hair is the way to go.

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Natural Hair twists on wet hair
Twist outs on wet Natural Hair 
Twisting wet hair

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Twists on Wet hair.

Twists on wet hair hold more than twists on dry meaning the roots will be less puffy and the twisted strands are less likely to unravel. If you intend to wear your twists for a longer period, twisting on wet hair would be the best way to go.

Another plus on twisting wet hair is defined and popping curls. Fancy curl defined and bouncy twist out, wet hair will give you that. I know you’ve already noticed that wet hair has curls popping more unlike dry hair.

Twisting on wet hair will give you twists that have less frizz because the strands will hold on to each other. Less frizz also means well defined and less frizzy twist outs.

Twists on wet hair and twist outs on wet hair 
Twisting wet hair

The downside with twisting wet hair is that your twists may take longer to dry. If you had plans, you may end up cancelling, using a hair dryer, wrapping it up or towel drying until it’s damp. With these twists, make sure you’ve enough time to let them air dry.

Another downside is shrinkage. Wanna flaunt your length, wet hair isn’t for you. With wet hair, the twists will shrink, curl back as they dry.

Twist Outs on Wet Hair

Want some curly and well defined twist outs? Well, twisting wet hair will give you just that. The downside is the twist outs will turn out a little shorter because shrinkage is a thing. If you don’t mind shorter hair, say hello to defined and juicy twist out by twisting your hair when wet.

How to Twist Wet Hair

  • Start by washing your hair, always twist or install protective styles on freshly washed and conditioned hair.
  • Pre-poo to avoid squeaky clean and dry hair after washing, keep some of those natural oils in your mane. Pre-poo treatments minimize the stripping effect of shampoos especially clarifying shampoo.
  • For hair with build up, use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the build up because healthy scalp equals healthy hair and growth. For hair without build up, use moisturizing shampoo or gentle cleansers.
  • Once cleansed and fresh, apply your go to moisturizing deep conditioner and if your hair needs some protein treatments, apply it then follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner or you can use a 2-in-1 deep conditioner that has both moisture and protein benefits. Let it sit for minutes then rinse off.
  • Next on, is the twisting step. You can choose to use only a Leave-in conditioner or add a curling cream to give more definition and hold to avoid unravelling. When twisting, start by sectioning your hair and twist a section at a time.

There you have it curlfriends, do you prefer twisting wet or dry hair and why?

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