Two strand twist out Afro

How to Safely Take Down 4C Natural Hair Twists.

Let’s talk how to safely take down 4C Natural Hair twists. Taking down two strand twists is as easy as installing them,  right? No? I know installing them especially mini twists, can be a pain.

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How to take down two strand Twists without tangling and breakage

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Let’s talk taking down mini twists but before that, let’s catch up on previous posts on mini twists challenge and twist outs.

How to Safely Take Down 4C Natural Hair Twists.

So, today’s post is on how I take down or unravel my twists. When I first started wearing twists, I would borrow when twisting, unravel from the roots to the ends and I noticed that the ends would tangle until I started unraveling from the ends to the root and not borrowing. How do you unravel your twists and do your ends tangle?

Twist outs after taking down twists
My first ever defined and juicy twist out

Twists are gorgeous easy DIY protective styles. You can style them in different ways, don’t cost much to install and they help in retaining length. Side note; when installing twists, don’t borrow. This eases to take down process and minimizes the knotting and tangling.

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Flat twisted two strand twists
Flat twisting the twists, I love this style

How to take down two strand twists.

  • Start with sectioning your twists into small sections and take down a section at a time. If I take down twists without sectioning, I end up finding twists that haven’t been unraveled.

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Sectioning twists before take down
How to take down twists on 4C natural hair
The oil I use to unravel the twists. DIY rosemary & hibiscus infused coconut oil
  • Unravel a twist at a time. If I’m into wearing my bomb twist out, I don’t separate the twists but if I’m intending to cleanse my hair after taking down the twists, I do separate them
How to Safely Take Down 4C Natural Hair Twists.
I re-twist after unravelling the twists
How to Safely Take Down 4C Natural Hair Twists.
The twist out Afro. Honestly, I love wearing a separated twist out Afro, it’s cuter and fuller.

I did a quick and short video on taking down twists on tiktok, check it out here.

Twist take down tips;

  • Section your twists , hold with a scrunchy or braid the twists.
  • Apply an oil to soften the hair for easier take down
  • Start from the ends and unravel in the opposite direction (untwist)
  • Don’t use a comb to take down your twists, use your fingers.
  • If your roots are matted, carefully separate the strands.This also applies to the knotted ends.

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There you have it friends, how do you take down your two strand twists. Any tips? Also check out my payhip store for hair care guides.

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