Tips for hair care beginner

Ultimate 4C Natural Hair Care Tips for Beginners

Hair care beginner? I’ve got you on essential hair care tips.

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The ultimate beginner guide to 4C haircare
Hair growth tips for beginners 
4c natural hair care tips for beginners

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4c hair care Beginner tips and guide

Starting off your hair care journey can be a struggle but it isn’t impossible whether you’re transitioning from relaxed hair, heat damage or just decided to take proper care of your mane.

With all the information out there, it can be confusing on where to start, which products to use and how to grow and retain length, that’s why on today’s post I thought of sharing easy, essential go to tips.

Hair care Tips for Beginners

Hair Care Routine.

If you follow me on social media platforms, you know I’m huge on creating a hair care routine and being consistent because that’s the easiest way to know what your hair likes/ dislikes, helps with growth and retaining length. Your hair routine shouldn’t be complicated, make it healthy and simple.

Your routine is all about how often you wash, condition, wear protective style, moisturize, trim, basically how you care for your hair daily, weekly and monthly.

4c  care beginner tips
Tips for hair care beginner

What should your hair routine consist of;

Pre-shampoo treatment/ pre-poo

Pre-poo/ Pre-shampoo is a treatment done before cleansing the hair to minimize the stripping effect of shampoo that leaves your hair feeling dry. To pre-poo use oils of choice/ an instant conditioner or on-shelf pre-shampoo treatments. Apply the product of choice and leave it for a couple of minutes to overnight before cleansing the hair.

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Detangling- is where you get rid of the tangles and knots. Our hair tends to curl and hug on each other thus forming tangles. If your pre- poo product gives a good slip you can use it to detangle too. 

To detangle, apply the detangling product of choice, use your fingers to separate the tangles then run a wide tooth comb or detangling brush through your length to detangle. Always detangle in small sections, it’s easier and saves time.

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You can also choose to pre-poo, cleanse then detangle after applying the deep conditioner. Most moisturizing deep conditioners have a great slip to melt away the tangles.


This is where you cleanse/ wash your hair and scalp. Always wash in sections especially if you have thick hair and use warm water. To break down the dirt and product build up on your scalp, use your finger pads or scalp massager to massage the scalp, don’t scratch your scalp with nails. If you use a lot of styling products, consider using a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all the build up.

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Deep conditioning.

After rinsing off the shampoo, the next step is deep conditioning where you apply a deep conditioner depending on your hair’s needs. We have moisturizing deep conditioner, protein based deep conditioner and a balanced deep conditioner (moisture and protein based.)

Deep conditioners add shine, restore moisture and elasticity, repair damage and strengthen the hair minimizing breakage.

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Use moisturizing deep conditioner on every wash day after rinsing off the shampoo as for protein treatments, use after every 4-6 weeks. How often you use protein treatments will depend on how often you manipulate your hair, how often you use heat and if your other products have protein in them. Always follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner after rinsing off the protein treatment.

If you don’t wanna go through the trouble of figuring out when to use protein treatments and how often, consider purchasing a balanced deep conditioner that’s both moisture and protein based.

TCB deep treatment review
Hair care products for beginners
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Dry hair doesn’t look good and it’s prone to tangles and breakage unlike moisturized hair. Moisture makes your hair juicy, manageable and soft. Use a leave-in conditioner to moisturize and seal in the moisture with oil/butter of choice and if you’re looking for definition, use curling cream.

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Make sure you know your hair porosity type to help with moisturizing and caring for your mane. Always moisturize after rinsing off the deep conditioner and remoisturize as needed.

Protective styling.

Protective styles help protect the hair from the day to day manipulation and help retain length. For a style to be protective, it shouldn’t be held too tight, doesn’t need daily brushing, combing and styling & shouldn’t be left on your hair for too long.

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Always prep your hair for protective style, don’t just wake up and install a protective style on hair that isn’t washed and conditioned.


Trimming means getting rid of the damaged and split ends that tend to tangle and give your styles a rugged look. Trim those ends as needed, don’t keep them for too long. Health over length.

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Trimming those ends gives your styles a fresh and juicy look, minimizes tangles meaning less time spent detangling and minimizes breakage.

Protect your hair when sleeping.

Unlike cotton scarf and pillowcase, satin/ silk bonnet/ scarf/ pillowcase is gentle on your hair and doesn’t absorb as much moisture from your hair. Invest in a good satin bonnet and/ or pillowcase to protect your hair when sleeping.

Hair care goals.

Write down your hair goals and if possible get a journal to document your hair journey. Make sure your goals are realistic not those grow my hair overnight or 6 inches in a week kind of goals. Your goals should include; consistent hair care routine, aim at length retention, regrowing and caring for the edges, when to wear protective styles and for how long etc.

We’ve guides that come with a hair care journal on our payhip store, grab your copy and document your weekly, monthly and yearly hair practices.

Aim at retaining length 

Your hair is always growing but breakage and unhealthy hair care practices got us thinking our hair isn’t growing. Wanna see more length? Minimize breakage and wear low manipulation and protective style to retain length.

Patience! Patience! Patience!

Don’t rush your hair care journey and growth. No product will grow your hair overnight or in a week. Yes, there are growth stimulating products but with a healthy and consistent routine & healthy hair care practices, you’ll notice growth and smash those hair goals.

Pay attention to your hair.

Your hair will always communicate, all you have to do is pay attention. Sometimes your scalp will itch because it needs a cleanse, your hair will let you know when you need to remoisturize, which moisturizing method works best.

Also, know your hair porosity, it helps when it comes to caring for your hair from which shampoo to use to how to moisturize and the best moisturizing products for your porosity type.

Don’t compare your hair

We all have different curl patterns, volume and growth rate too, meaning everyone’s hair is unique. Don’t compare your growth rate or curls to your friends or people on social media.

Focus on knowing what your hair needs, its porosity type, how to care for it, the best products to use, retaining length from growth etc. Care and love it, it’ll grow and flourish.

      Other tips;

  • Work with small hair sections, it’s easier and less time consuming
  • Drink your water, eat healthy and exercise: healthy body, healthy hair.
  • Aim at retaining length because your hair is always growing.
  • Avoid daily brushing and combing.
  • Don’t braid your hair too tight, hold your puffs and bun too tight.
  • Always moisturize your edges and if you have receding hairline, massage daily with a growth stimulating oil to regrow it.
  • Be cautious with heat, you don’t wanna end up with heat damage.
  • Don’t be a product junkie, your hair doesn’t need all those products from different brands.

Lastly, you’ll need essential products and tools to kick-start your hair journey.

Thank you for reading, share with everyone and support my blog here.

Let’s share tips for hair care beginners on the comment section and for beginners, let us know if you have any questions.

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