You are currently viewing Dusting; How to Trim Natural Hair without losing your length.

Dusting; How to Trim Natural Hair without losing your length.

Dusting is a hair “trimming” technique of getting rid of split/damaged/dead ends of your hair without losing inches of your length. It’s dusting because you’ll notice light dust like pieces of hair on your floor after dusting.

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How often do you trim? How do you tell it’s time for a trim? Do you dread losing inches on every trim? Well, this blog post is for you but first get to know the signs that you need a trim. Done checking that out? Let’s get down to dusting.

I read about dusting early this year but before then I had lost a few inches to trimming and man, learning about dusting was the best thing that has happened to my hair journey this year.

Last trim before dusting
My last trim

Benefits of dusting.

You’ll get to maintain much of your length, I know length chasers this got you smiling.
Achieve neat and gorgeous styles, you all know how split ends give one a rugged and untidy look.
What more can you ask for other than an easy, smooth and non time consuming detangling process?
You can dust by yourself and at the comfort of your home.

How to Dust

If you are in a no heat journey, then you can easily dust by sectioning your hair and wearing neat and tightly held twists. Get your shears and cut off the split ends poking out and the ends if you notice split ends as well. Untwist and twist in the opposite direction to dust off all the split ends.

You can also stretch your hair with a blowdrier and do the twists, dust off the ends, twist in the opposite direction and get rid of the hairs poking out and let go of the damaged ends as well.

Dusting; How to Trim Natural Hair without losing your length.

How often should one do the dusting

I’ll say as soon as you notice the split ends. The ends got to go but after every 6-8 weeks.

Have you done dusting before? Share your tips and how you go about it. Share with your friends and let’s grow our natural crowns.

Dusting; How to Trim Natural Hair without losing your length.

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