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11 Things To Know About Embracing Natural Hair.

Natural hair is potrayed as long, curly, bouncy and voluminous hair. They only show us voluminous, long, beautiful edges, perfect twists, braid-outs, flat twists but we never see the struggle that comes with it, maybe because we all want to see perfection.

Hello mane Embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

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Everyone has that natural hair blogger, friend you look upto whose hair is lush and goals and you will feed on any information they give whether it’s true or not.

Kinks are beautiful too, 4C hair is gorgeous the reason am saying this is cause we don’t see much of kinks being celebrated,admired and called lush, classy and elegant. Most times natural hair has been labelled unofficial and untidy but our african hair is beautiful, lush, official ,classy and every other word that praises it. Too much information about natural hair is out here but not all information is to be fed on especially if you are a beginner.

What no one tells you about embracing natural hair

There’s nothing like holy grail product, The products one can swear by probably won’t work for your hair. Yes, i too have products i can swear by and have had products a friend swore by and it dried up my hair and her hair loved it. Am not saying you shouldn’t try products by your favorite blogger or the person whose hair you admire. No, try them all and find which works best for you.

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Patience,patience, patience! Your hair won’t grow overnight, it doesn’t matter if you use rice water, onions etc. You need a healthy hair regimen,routine and lifestyle to grow that healthy, long hair you desire. The rise water, onion& aloe Vera juice may retain your length by reducing breakage and stimulate growth but not magically grow your hair and as you use them you need regimen and routine.

Negative comments, your hair will be labelled unofficial, untidy and trust you may most people will have you straighten your hair or put on a wig for a job interview because you ought to look official and presentable. Love your hair regardless.

Embracing natural hair
Hello Afro

Hair curl typing isn’t important- surprised? shocked? Unbelievable? Imagine having 3 hair types, will you purchase a product for each hair type? What’s is important is knowing your hair porosity, it’s the art of knowing when and how to moisturize and keep your hair moisturized. Dry hair is prone to breakage which means shorter and less voluminous hair. Porosity helps in choosing products for your hair but hair type isn’t of any importance just know your hair is healthy and gorgeous.

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Not all protective styles are protective- wearing protective styles helps in retaining length but protective style done wrong and not cared for will be the end of your edges and length. Don’t braid to tightly for your style to hold for long and care for your hair under the wig and cornrows to.

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Less brushes and combs equals more volume– ever wondered why locks keeps growing in volume and length? With low manipulation ,no brushes or combs? Brushes and combs thin your hair little by little especially combs with bristles so close. Use your fingers to detangle, comb and stretch out your hair. I said fingers not nails unless you want more split ends.

Failed attempts on your way to perfection- you’ll have a couple of failed twist outs, braid outs, Bantu knots , finger coils before you get the grasp of it. Practice makes perfect and have an open mind about cause failed styles are beautiful too.

11 Things To Know About Embracing Natural Hair.

You don’t need all the tools everyone uses, figure out tools that are important in your journey. If you are a no heat person like me, you don’t need any heat tools. And product junkie? You don’t have to buy every product there is unless you are a beginner and haven’t figured out products that work for your hair yet.

Scalp massages should be part of your routine, scalp massages are as important as cleansing your scalp,wearing protective styling , moisturizing and so on. Scalp massages stimulate growth and refreshes the scalp. Use castor oil for scalp massages to get that growth your desire.

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Castor oils to use for growth stimulating scalp massages;

Keep brushes and gels off your edges,laid down edges look good and all until you have no edges left to lay. Lay your edges once in a while if you have to and keep off laying if you can.

Shrinkage is good, you can’t escape, natural hair,African hair will tend to shrink, which is a sign of healthy strands. Shrinkage is okay embrace the elasticity of your strands.

What else weren’t you told about natural hair that you found out while on your hair journey.Sharing is caring!!

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