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5 Ways Protective Styles Cause Hair Breakage and Damage

Protective hairstyles don’t grow your hair, your hair is always growing. Protective styles help you retain length while your hair is still growing.

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Why your Protective Styles are causing hair breakage

Have you had instances where your favorite protective style broke your hair like crazy? Do you have friends or family who always have their hair on protective style but it barely grows? Well, this posts is all about the Dos and Don’ts of protective styling.

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Is protective styling necessary? Yes, if you want to protect your hair from harsh environment and weather conditions and retain as much length as possible as well as reducing breakage and tangles, protective styles are your to go thing.

Protective styles include; cornrows, Bantu knots, two/three twists, bun, braids. faux locs, flat twists etc. You don’t have to add extensions for your style to be protective, twists, braids with your hair are protective styles too.

Looking to wear protective styling with extensions, here some of the hair you can use

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Why protective styles are breaking your hair.

  Tender, Love & Care

Your hair needs the same TLC when in protective style, you don’t just braid and forget all about. Moisturize to avoid dry and brittle hair which is prone to breakage when taking down the style.

Best protective style moisturizing products and curl refreshers are:

Use a spritz bottle with your favorite moisturizing ingredients to moisturize. Wash and condition your hair according to your usual routine this reducing build up which causes your scalp to itch and dandruff. The build up also blocks moisture and oils from penetrating your scalp.


Huge extensions on small patch of hair. I know those huge braid extensions look gorgeous, have been tempted to try them on but my thoughts are always, ‘ that’s too much braid on a small patch of hair, what if it literally pulls out my hair?

I can’t be bald headed.’ Too much extensions pull & strains your hair which weakens your making it prone to breakage. The next time you wanna try it, just know it’ll weaken your hair and weak hair=breakage.

  Holding too tightly

I know you wanna get the value of your money but is holding your hair too tightly while braiding the real value? May be you’ll get time value like you’ll wear the style for longer and on the flip side, you’ll end up breaking your hair especially your cute edges.

Also read: Top 10 ways to Regrow and Care for your Edges.

We all know how much confidence those baby hairs give us, don’t lose it. Don’t let your stylist pull your hair or hold too tight until you get a headache, it isn’t worth it change your stylist or just learn how to braid/cornrow/crotchet your hair.

Also, if you’ve lost your edges, try scalp massages around the area with these growth stimulating oils;

  Over manipulation.

Over manipulation/over styling. Protective styles are meant to protect your hair from daily manipulation, so why should you keep on styling?

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I know you want to get all creative with styling and look gorgeous and all but sis, you’ve to give your hair a break. Style at least twice a week if you really have to. Over manipulation =more breakage.

  Length of time and breaks

Now you know why your protective styles have been breaking your hair and also what to do to get the most of the style. We all deserve long, lush and healthy hair and wearing protective styles that are protective is how the magic happens.

Thank you for being in here & i hope you’ve learn’t something. Catch you on the next blog post. Cheers!??

Valerie Kinoti

Valerie Kinoti has loved all things hair since she was 8 and always dreamt of having long hair. Decades later she is living the long hair dream and sharing all tips, tricks she has learned over the years.

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  1. Paulette Harris

    Hi, I enjoy reading, and take your advice, seriously. I love my natural hear and love when people commend me on how good it looks but I am losing my edges. I twist most of the time, not sure what’s going on. I am using castor mixed with hair fertilizer and olive oil,I it is growing but slowly. Any ad vice. My hair also get dry quickly. It is low porosity

    1. NapturallyVal

      Hello Paulette… Thank you for reading❤️… For your edges keep using the products since they are working and don’t hold your twists too tight… How do you moisturize your hair & do you deep condition? I’m asking this because low porosity takes time to absorb moisture thus doesn’t dry quickly.

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