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How to Get Rid of Dry 4C Natural Hair Fast.

The only way to get rid of dry hair is by first knowing why it’s dry. Here is a post on why your hair might be dry.

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Dry hair doesn’t look good on any of us, it tangles easily, keeps breaking, difficult to comb and style. Why is your hair dry? Probably you don’t moisturize, the moisturizing products you’re using aren’t working for your porosity type, don’t deep condition and so on.

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How to Fix Dry 4c Natural Hair

Evaluate your moisturizing game.

Have you been moisturizing? How do you moisturize and which products have you been using? Sometimes we use products that don’t work for our porosity or we don’t moisturize the right way. Just write down how you’ve moisturizing and figure out what you have been doing right or wrong. Documenting your moisturizing game will help you see what you’re doing right and wrong, what needs to change and so on.

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Know your porosity.

Do you know your porosity type? How fast or slow your hair absorbs and retains the moisture? Knowing your porosity type is the ultimate game changer when it comes to getting rid of dry hair. Catch up on everything porosity here.

Pre-shampoo treatment.

Does your hair feel dry after shampooing even after using a sulphate free shampoo? Well, consider doing a pre-shampoo/ pre-poo treatment before cleansing to minimize stripping of natural oils. How do you pre-poo? Apply a penetrating oil on your hair, let it sit for minutes to overnight then shampoo. You can also do a hot oil treatment as pre- poo treatments.

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Clarifying / Sulphate shampoos.

These shampoos are good cleansers, way too good because they strip off the moisture and natural oils that keep our healthy and conditioned. Stripping off natural oils leaves our hair feeling dry and brittle. If you’re to use these shampoos, pre-poo before shampooing and/or deep condition after shampooing. You can use this shampoo monthly to get rid of build up or if you use a lot of styling products on your hair.

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Moisturizing and caring for dry 4c hair

Deep conditioning religiously.

Use a moisturizing deep conditioner religiously especially after cleansing. Restore the moisture and give your hair some life. Do you deep condition after cleansing? Well, if you haven’t been doing it, about time you considered trying and see how it works for your hair.

If you have been deep conditioning religiously and you hair still feels dry, you might want to change your product, check whether it is a moisturizing or protein based deep conditioner & use heat to infuse nutrients.

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Moisturize religiously after deep conditioning.

Do you let your hair air dry without moisturizing? Bad idea. Always moisturize after rinsing off the deep conditioner, don’t let your hair air dry without moisturizing. Use a T-shirt or microfiber towel to absorb excess water, once your hair is damp, apply leave-in conditioner/ moisturizer then lock in the moisture with butter or oil of choice. Also, remoisturize as needed, weekly, mid-week, every other day.

Step by step guide to treating dry 4c hair

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Other ways to get rid of dry hair;

  • Get rid of damaged and split ends.
  • Minimize heat usage and use a heat protectant when using heat.
  • Protect your hair with satin bonnet/ scarf or pillowcase when sleeping
  • Stay hydrated. Drink your water, moisturize your hair from inside out.

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If you have had experience with dry hair, let’s know what has worked for you?

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