How to fix dry natural hair

Why your 4C Hair is Always Dry and How To Fix It.

Is your Natural Hair always dry? Do you know your hair’s porosity? How do you moisturize? Which products do you use?

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Why natural hair is always dry?

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Dry hair doesn’t look good on anyone and it easily breaks and tangles unlike moisturized hair. If you are experiencing dry hair, all hope isn’t lost because you can still smash those moisturizing goals.

Why your Natural Hair is Always Dry.

You don’t know your porosity type.

Knowing your porosity type is more important than knowing your curl type/ pattern. Your hair care routine is determined by porosity type. Porosity helps you know how often you need to moisturize and which products you ought to use.

There are 3 porosity types; low, normal and high. Low porosity is characterized by tightly bound cuticles that make it difficult for moisture & products to penetrate and escape once it’s in your hair.

In simple terms, it takes longer to saturate with water & products so they end up sitting on the hair making it prone to build up. To moisturize this porosity type, use light weight moisturizers and sealants

High porosity hair has its cuticles raised allowing moisture to go in and out quickly thus it easily dries out making it prone to breakage and tangles. To keep high porosity hair moisturized for longer, use heavy sealants, don’t skip deep conditioning(moisture and protein treatments) and use clarifying shampoos sparingly.

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The other porosity type is normal porosity type which is characterized by looser cuticles that allow for moderate flow of moisture in and out of the hair & it’s a balance between low and high porosity types.

Wrong products for your hair type.

As mentioned earlier, the moisturizing products you ought to use are determined by your porosity type. If you use light oils and moisturizers on high porosity hair, you’ll notice your hair dries faster or feels dry all the time. So, before purchasing moisturizing products, know your porosity type first then the type of products that works best for the type.

Don’t moisturize properly.

We have moisturizing methods (LOC, LCO, LO, LC, LOCO) that show us how to apply moisturizing products & sometimes the method that works best for me doesn’t work for you.I know people who would swear by LOC others LCO and I would swear by LC. So, the method you use matters too, try all of them and find out which works best for your hair.No idea what the moisturizing methods is all about, catch up on a detailed post here.

Also, not using enough product could be the reason your hair feels dry especially if you have coarse hair. Section your hair into small parts then apply your go to products to coat each hair strand.

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You wear your hair loose.

I noticed when wearing my hair out, I had to moisturize everyday because my hair would feel dry in the evening unlike when wearing protective style like twists where I can go for days without moisturizing.

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Protective styles hold moisture for long and if you wear your hair out a lot and it feels dry, that could be the reason. Notice the difference in moisture retention when wearing your hair out and when in a protective style.

Skipping deep conditioning.

Deep conditioning is essential for healthy hair especially if you manipulate/ style your hair often. Moisturizing deep conditioners restore moisture, conditions and softens the hair making it manageable. Protein treatments repair damage, strengthens the hair, improves elasticity and repairs damaged cuticle that is responsible for in and out flow of moisture.

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Hair regimen/Routine.

Don’t have a hair care routine yet? This is your sign to create one. A routine eases your hair care journey and helps with growing your hair healthy, long and thick. A routine consists of; pre-poo & detangling, cleansing, deep conditioning, moisturizing and protective styling.

With a routine, you get to learn more about your hair, what it likes & doesn’t like, which products work best, how often you should moisturize and so on. Also, you ought to be consistent with your routine.

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Other reasons why your hair is dry;

  • Product build up/ too much product that doesn’t allow penetration of moisture and products.
  • Not protecting your hair when sleeping or sleeping on cotton pillowcases that absorb moisture from your hair.
  • You don’t re-moisturize mid week or in between the week.

Tips on keeping your hair moisturized and soft.

  • Know your hair’s porosity type
  • Use the right products for your porosity type.
  • Remoisturize as needed.
  • Don’t skip deep conditioning.
  • Cleanse when you notice product build up.
  • Use enough moisturizing product, not too much or too little

And queens, that’s how you bid good bye to dry hair.See you on the next post.

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Product build up/ too much product that doesn’t allow penetration of moisture and products.
Not protecting your hair when sleeping or sleeping on cotton pillowcases that absorb moisture from your hair.
You don’t re-moisturize mid week or in between the week.

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