Benefits of Sectioning 4c natural hair Why and how to section hair

How & Why sectioning Natural Hair is important.

Hair sectioning is an ultimate natural hair care game changer.

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Sectioning your hair into smaller parts goes a long way in minimizing breakage & the amount of product you use, gives access to the scalp and helps you give your hair the TLC it deserves.

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Hair Sectioning; the hair care game changer

Sectioning is an underrated hair care hack. When I started embracing my natural hair, I never sectioned my hair cos I didn’t know better and around that time I used to snip off the tangles instead of separating the strands & just randomly apply products and assume every strand will somehow get its share of the product. 

Detangling without sectioning or working with a huge chunk of hair can be a pain. From the tangles snagging on the comb, forcing the comb down your hair & the fact that some parts or strands might not get enough detangling product which leads to manipulating dry hair & causing strain to the scalp too.

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Sectioning for me was a game changer especially with detangling and moisturizing. For detangling it was easier to run a wide tooth comb through my length without forcing it through, note where the tangles are and safely separate the strands.

Benefits of Sectioning natural hair
Detangling a section at a time

When moisturizing or applying a deep conditioner, every strand was sorted and I did pay extra attention to the back left part of my head that needs extra moisture. Haven’t embraced the sectioning game? Well, lemme tell you why you should have embraced it like years ago.

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Why Hair Sectioning is important.

  • Minimizes tangles and breakage.
  • Makes it easier to detangle, small sections are easier to comb out.
  • Even distribution of products.
  • Gives easy access to the scalp especially when cleansing and scalp massaging.
  • Minimizing the amount of product you use on the hair.
  • Helps give attention to the different textures, parts with weaker hair and/or parts where your scalp is sensitive 
  • Sectioning saves you time.

How to section the hair.

You can have 4-8 sections depending on your thickness and length. The thicker the hair, the more sections you will need.

Use hair clips or ties to hold each section or you can loosely twist each section. I prefer loose twists, I don’t trust myself with hair bands and clips, they keep disappearing to God knows where.

In case you have any parts that need more attention, a sensitive scalp, parts where hair needs more moisture and weaker hair parts, section them & give them the TLC they deserve.

Work in sections when doing almost everything; detangling, cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing and installing a protective style. Sectioned hair is easier to work with, really manageable.

Side note; the section doesn’t have to be neat, you can use your fingers to section.

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Do you work in sections & does it work for you?

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