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3Ways to Properly Moisturize Natural hair twists.

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If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I love two strand twists and my hair is in twists 90% of the time. If you missed all the twists posts,  catch up here.

So, let’s talk about different ways I add moisture to my twists. You don’t wanna install twists, fail to moisturize & instead of retaining length you lose it, right? Read on. 

I install my twists on freshly washed, moisturized, braid stretched & air dried hair. I love installing twists on dry hair because it gives me more length than twists on wet hair.

Moisturize natural hair two strand twists

How I moisturize my twists; 

  • Moisturize after every 2-3 days. This is where I spritz my twists with either water and Aloe Vera juice or water and leave in and then seal with butter. Lately I’ve been trying Cheri Spritz and it’s pretty good. I also did an IGTV on how I do it, check it out here and follow for more hair tips and inspo.
  • Moisturize weekly. With weekly twists moisturizing sessions I lay products each at a time from the ends to the roots. I section my twists, start off with water spritz, apply the leave-in from the ends to the root, then seal with oils or butter and seal the ends with castor oil since they dry so fast. 
  • Baggy moisturizing method. When I’ve time to spare, this is my go to method. I apply the leave-in and butter then wear shower cap for an hour or more to moisturize. Leaves my hair super soft.

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How do you moisturize your twists?

2 thoughts on “3Ways to Properly Moisturize Natural hair twists.”

  1. justcalmwildness

    I moisturise every three days when I am being consistent. You should do more videos

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