Minimizing wash day with washing your hair in twists

Wash Day Regimen: How to Wash 4C Hair in Twists.

Tried wash day in twists, like washing your hair in twists?

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So, I did try washing my hair in twists the last few wash days and am serving all the tea on that. Have always washed my hair in 4-6 sections, a section at a time.

How my first wash day went down.

Sectioned hair for wash day

Well, it was a love-hate first time. It wasn’t as perfect as I thought it would but I loved the fact that the wash day rolled out easily and fast. 

My shampooing and rinsing time was cut into half, the scalp was easily accessible for shampooing and scalp massages, used less water & the down side was my twists started to unravel from the roots cos the twists were large & loosely twisted.

My second wash day went on pretty well, reduced the twists size & twisted properly like holding the twists a little tight at the roots and my wash day was easy, enjoyable and fast. Have been washing my hair in twists since.

How my wash day in twists looks like.

  • Section the hair as I pre-poo and detangle.
  • Wear a shower cap for 30minutes to an hour.
  • Run water on my hair until it’s soaking wet then apply shampoo on the scalp & massage to get rid of dirt and product build up then rinse off.
  • With deep conditioning, I warm up the deep conditioner or do a hot oil treatment. I warm up the deep conditioner to easily and properly infuse the nutrients into the strands. Warming up the deep conditioner saves me time, instead of using body heat to break down the conditioner nutrients which takes a little longer. I then wear a shower cap & let it sit for 30minutes to an hour before rinsing off.
  • My next step is to add more moisture by applying a leave-in then seal with an oil or butter and let the hair air dry.
Natural Hair wash day guide

The best part about washing in twists is; once my hair air dries I can easily install mini twists cos am still doing the mini twists growth & length retention challenge. I do detangle again before installing the mini twists. Washing in twists is ideal for all of you whose hair tangles when washing.

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