How to achieve curly 4c hair without heat

How to Make 4C Natural Hair Curly and Soft.

Is it possible to have soft and curly 4C Natural Hair? Find out how to make 4c natural hair curly on this post. 4C hair has tighter curls than other curl types but we too can achieve defined and looser curls.

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How to make your hair soft and curls defined
Make hair curly and soft

Anything is possible with our natural hair, its versatility is out of this world. One day you rock a shrunken Afro the next you step out with defined and juicy twist outs. Don’t we all love that about our hair?

Getting looser curls and defined curls is attainable via different techniques that most if not all of us have tried. For defined curls, you ought to first know how to properly moisturize your hair. If you’ve never noticed, dry hair is less curly or has no curls at all.

How to Make 4C Natural Hair Curly
Making hair curly naturally

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How To Make 4C Natural Hair Curly?

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Moisture is everything to your hair and it’s the easiest way to have those curls popping. Sometimes all you need to define your curls is water, leave-in and a sealant(oil or butter), some leave-ins are curl activators too. If a leave-in and sealant don’t work for you, use a curling cream to define your curls when moisturizing.

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Twist outs.

This works for me all the time though my reason for installing twists is it’s my go to protective style not to achieve a defined twist out. Getting defined twist outs is as easy as using a leave-in that pops the curls or after applying the leave-in on the section you’re about to twist, you apply a curling cream to enhance the curls then twist. Don’t unravel the twist outs if your twists haven’t dried yet.

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Bantu knots.

The one time I tried Bantu knots, I couldn’t sleep because the discomfort was too much, I should give them another chance one of these fine days. Don’t let my experience discourage you, have seen some really defined Bantu knot outs. How do you go about it? Lay your moisturizing products to properly moisturize and activate the curls, then twist the hair section as you wrap it around itself until it’s curled in a tight knot. Unravel the knots and separate the curls.

Braid out

This gives me the most defined curls though I only install braid outs to stretch my hair, it’s one of my favorite stretching methods. Seems I’m not obsessed with curls, I thought I was though lol. With this technique you moisturize your hair, then braid in smaller sections, how large or small you braid depends on your hair volume and length.

Personally, I love medium sized to large braids because I don’t enjoy braiding and unravelling, I find braiding hectic but the curls are always popping.

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Flexi rods.

I haven’t tried flexi rods, I should consider trying them one of these fine days . We all are familiar with flexi rods, right? Flexi rods do give some defined curls and waves. How do you go about it? Moisturize your hair, install the flexi rods and let your hair dry before unravelling.

You can also do straw sets in place of flexi rods. Here you use straws in place of flexi rods.

Flat twist outs

I love flat twists, not for the defined curls but because it’s my favorite and easy to install protective style. I just wear two flat twists and I’m sorted for a week and a few days.

How do you go about it? Moisturize and detangle your hair then flat twist, you can have as many flat twists as you want, the more the flat twists, the better the definition and volume.

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Finger coils.

These can be time consuming but if you have time to kill why not try them? What you need is a curling cream and your fingers. How do you go about it, moisturize your hair, apply curling cream on the section then twirl it around your finger and voila! Curly hair.

Side note; how defined and loose your curls are, will depend on how tight your curls are and the products you use. It’s a trial and error method until you find what works best for your hair.

When I started my hair journey, my twist outs weren’t as defined and looser as they are now. As your hair grow, you learn more about it and everything gets better from moisturizing, nailing styles to having defined and looser curls.

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