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How to Make 4C Natural Hair Soft.

Tryna figure out how to make your 4c hair soft? Well, this post is for you. Your 4C hair shouldn’t feel dry and hard.

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Coarse or hard hair? Here is how to make hard 4c hair soft

Some of us think 4C hair is and has to feel steel wool hard, but does it? Don’t we categorize our hair has 4C just because it feels hard? If your hair is hard, that means it isn’t moisturized or you haven’t nailed how to properly moisturize it. Moisturized hair is silky soft, easy to style and manageable.

To soften your hair, you ought to know your hair needs, porosity type and use the right product for your porosity type. Also, how you lay your products when moisturizing matters too, some LOC moisturizing method work better than LCO and vice versa.

Why your hair feels hard;

  • Dryness- your hair isn’t moisturized. Moisture is essential for soft healthy hair.
  • Under conditioning/ not conditioning at all- conditioners help soften our hair.
  • Too much protein- protein strengthens and repairs damage but doesn’t help with moisture retention.

How to Make Dry & Coarse Natural Hair Soft

Know your hair’s porosity type and how to care for it.

How you care for, moisturize your hair and know the products your hair needs is dependent on your porosity type. For instance with low porosity type, you should use light oils to seal in the moisture, use less products because it’s prone to product build up.

If you have no idea what porosity type is and how to know your porosity, read all about it here.

Tips for soft 4c hair

Pre-poo before cleansing.

We all know some shampoos strip off the good natural oils while getting rid of all the dirt and product build up leaving our hair feeling dry and squeaky clean. To minimize the stripping effect, pre- poo (apply a penetrating oil of choice and let it sit in your hair for an hour or overnight then cleanse.)

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Deep condition after cleansing.

Moisturizing deep conditioners restore, retain moisture to your strands, condition and soften your hair. Skipping deep conditioning after cleansing is one of the reasons why we experience dry hair that isn’t manageable.

Moisturizing deep conditioners leave our hair feeling soft and manageable. Side note; if your hair feels weak and looks damaged, consider adding a protein based deep conditioner in your regimen.

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Moisturizing method.

You ought to find out which moisturizing method works best for you and by this I mean how you lay your moisturizing products. LOC/ LCO/ LC/ LO/ LOCO are the moisturizing methods where L stands for Leave-in/ Liquid(water), O- oil/ butter C- Cream.

The methods show how to lay your products. For example with LCO, you start by applying your go to leave-in, then a hydrating cream or curling cream and lastly an oil or butter to seal in the moisture.

Which of the methods work best? All of them, try them all to find out which works best for you. LC works best for me where I apply a leave-in conditioner then follow up with hydrating butter/ cream. Side note; always moisturize after rinsing off the deep conditioner, don’t let your hair air dry without moisturizing.

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Also, get to know how often your hair needs to be re- moisturized, don’t moisturize once and ignore your hair until the next wash day. Pay attention to how often or when your hair feels dry and re- moisturize it.

Protect your hair when sleeping.

Invest In a satin/ silk bonnet/ scarf or pillowcase because they absorb less moisture from your and are more gentle to your strands than cotton scarf and pillowcase. If you go to bed with moisturized and soft hair only to wake up to dry and tangled hair, about time you invested in a satin/ silk bonnet.

Trim when needed.

Damaged and split ends are always dry and rugged unlike the rest of the hair. If no matter how well you moisturize your hair, the ends always feel dry, keep tangling and your styles don’t turn out right, about time you considered trimming the ends.

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How do you soften your hair and keep it moisturized and soft for longer.

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