Top reasons why you should moisturize your hair

Why Moisturizing Natural Hair is Essential.

What’re the benefits of Moisturizing Natural Hair? This post answers that. Do you moisturize your gorgeous hair and how often? I hope you use the right moisturizing products for your porosity type.

Moisturizing is a very essential step in any hair care regimen. If you have 4c hair, you know that it’s prone to dryness due to its tight coils and curls. If you don’t moisturize your type 4 hair and it’s healthy & retaining length, teach us your ways.

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Moisturizing keeps your hair healthy, strong, maintains elasticity, minimizing frizz and keep your curls bouncy and popping. In today’s blog post, we talk about why you you should moisturize, how to do it and what to use. 

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Benefits of Moisturizing Natural Hair

The benefits and why you should moisturize your hair

Prevents Breakage

I know you’ve heard this way many times but I’ll repeat it, ” dry hair easily tangles and is more prone to breakage. If your hair has been breaking a lot, review how you moisturize and if that’s working for your hair. Moisturizing your hair as needed helps keep it soft and reducing breakage and hair loss.

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Reduces Frizz

Type 4 hair is prone to frizz. How does frizzy hair look like? Frizzy hair doesn’t look as cute since it’s got flyaways that need to be “tamed” but don’t let frizz bother you cos it’s bound to happen. Moisturizing your hair can help reduce frizz by giving your hair the hydration it deserves and hold your curls together.

Enhances Curl Definition

Moisturized hair is more defined, has popping and bouncy curls. When hair is dry, it tends to lose its curl pattern, you’ll notice it’s more straight than moisturized hair. Moisturizing your hair helps activate and enhance your hair’s curl pattern. Some moisturizers/ leave-in conditioner do give your curls a pop and if you want your curls bouncy and popping more, you can add curling cream to your moisturizing products and regimen. 

Best hair tips for high porosity hair and benefits of Moisturizing Natural Hair
Why you should moisturize Natural Hair

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Adds Shine

Healthy hair is shiny, and moisturizing your hair regularly can help add shine and restore your hair’s natural. When hair is well-moisturized, the hair cuticles lie flat, reflecting light and giving your hair a healthy, glossy appearance.

Promotes Length retention

Moisturizing your hair regularly can also promote hair growth and help retain length from your growth. When hair is well-moisturized, it is less prone to breakage and less breakage means more length retention. Moisturizing your hair can also help nourish your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth from the roots.

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Moisturizing Tips

Use Water-Based Products

Water is the best moisturizer for hair, be sure to use water-based products to properly hydrate your strands. Look for hair products that contain water as the first ingredient and other moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera juice avoid using products that contain drying alcohols

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Seal in Moisture

After applying a moisturizer, don’t stop at that unless you don’t mind moisturizing a thousand times a day. Sealants will keep the moisture locked in for longer. Sealants can either be butters and/or oils.

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Deep Condition after Cleansing

Deep conditioning your hair after cleansing is an excellent way to add moisture to your hair. Moisturizing deep conditioners are designed to penetrate the hair shaft and provide intense hydration.

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Protect Your Hair at Night

Wearing a satin bonnet or using a satin pillowcase when sleeping ought to be part of your night hair care routine. They help prevent your hair from drying out at night. Cotton pillowcases can absorb moisture from your hair, leading to dryness and breakage. Satin helps to retain the moisture in your hair, keeping it healthy and hydrated.

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More tips;

  • On wash days, moisturize after rinsing off deep conditioners don’t let your hair dry before moisturizing
  • You can use either LOC/LCO/ moisturizing methods.
  • Re-moisturize weekly, every other day or daily.

Moisturizing hair is essential for maintaining healthy hair. It helps prevent breakage, reduces frizz, defines curl pattern, adds shine, and helps retain length from your growth.

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