Detangling Tips for natural hair

Why You Struggle Detangling 4C Hair.

Do you always have a hard time detangling? I know most of us dread the detangling part of hair care. Detangling can be a pain if you’re using wrong products & tools, if you don’t stretch your hair or keep it in stretched hairstyles and keep the split, damaged and rugged ends.

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In this post, we’ll cover reasons why your hair is always tangled or keeps tangling, why you have a hard time detangling, best products and tools to use for smooth detangling.

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Detangling 4c hair tips and why you're struggling with detangling
Why your hair is hard to detangle

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Why you have a hard time detangling

Didn’t detangle properly the previous time.

How well you detangle when you need to detangle affects how tangled your hair will be the next time you need to detangle. If your hair tends to tangle after washing, detangle before letting it air dry or installing chunky twists or braids or any style. Don’t leave the tangles unless you wanna spend an hour plus on detangling the next time you detangle.

Detangling natural hair
Why it's hard to detangle 4c hair
Detangling 4c hair and avoiding tangles

Detangling with wrong detangling products.

The best detangling product is one that gives a good slip and melts away the tangles. Which detangling product do you use? Does it make it easy to separate and slide away the tangles? When detangling, start by Sectioning your hair, spraying water on your hair, then apply your go to detangler or conditioner.

The amount of detangler you use matters too, the more the product, the easier the detangling process. Also, use the best tools for your hair. Some find success in wide tooth combs, others fingers or detangling brush. My advice is start with your fingers then follow up with wide tooth comb or detangling brush.

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Detangling huge sections of hair

I know you wanna get done with detangling as soon as possible but detangling a huge section will not get you there, it will only lead to frustrations and pain. If you don’t have enough time to detangle, don’t do it.

To easily detangle, especially if you have thick, coarse hair, section your hair into small manageable sections. Working with small sections was a game changer for me when detangling and applying moisturizing products.

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Detangling in a rush.

I can’t emphasize enough, detangle when you have enough time don’t detangle if your time is limited. Take your time, watch your favorite TV show or that series you’ve been meaning to watch. Detangling in a rush will not only frustrate you but also you may end up not detangling properly.

Now that we have covered why detangling feels like an extreme sport, let me mention why your hair is always tangled or has lots of tangles.

Why your hair has lots of tangles

  • You leave your hair in shrunken state for days giving it room to hug and curl up on each other. Keep your hair stretched if you’re wearing it open.
  • You haven’t trimmed off the damaged, split and rugged ends. If your hair tangles on the ends only even when wearing styles like twists, your hair is due for a trim.
  • You don’t moisturize your ends and/or don’t protect/ tuck your ends especially on windy days. Moisturized ends are less likely to tangle unlike dry ends.

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Best Detanglers for Tangled Hair

Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils Knot On My Watch Instant Hair Detangling

Pantene Gold Series Detangling Milk 

Carol’s Daughter Wash Day Delight Detangling Jelly-To-Cream Conditioner

Now that you’ve learned about tangles and detangling. I hope you’ve figured out why do you struggle with detangling.

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