6 Easy & gorgeous Twist out styles.

Twist out is my favorite style because I wear two strand twists 80% of the time and the defined, juicy twist out are worth showing off.

Hello mane embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

So, I just thought of starting a #stylingsaturday series where I share a few styles that have had on my hair, styles that I intend to try and recreate, the gorgeous styles on Pinterest. Am a not soo creative stylist , I find it super exhausting to try out a style because most times the outcome is a total fail. You ever tried a style you loved and thought,’ this is easy, I can nail it with my eyes closed and boom total fail? Yeah, that’s the feeling I avoid but I wanna try and do better, get creative and keep you posted all about.

Am super jazzed for this challenge and I need you to be part of it. To start us off with #StylingSaturday is a few styles you can try on your twist outs. I do style my twist outs when it’s super windy and I can’t have my hair all over my face or on those instances when my twist out definition don’t look so lush, you know frizz happens. Too much talking, let get down to the twist out styles.

Afro twist out.

Afro twist out
This is an easy one, if you love wearing your Afro out or your hair is at uncomfortable length, this is for you. Just separate the strands and comb them out with your fingers for more volume.
Afro twist out
You ca still wear the twist out Afro as your hair grows

Frohawk twist out

FroHawk Twist outs

THE twists outs.

THE twists out, simply because got no better term to define them😂😂😆

The twist out

Half up, half down

Twist out puff

Twist out bun

Some of my favs style

Partly combed out twist outs.

The best that I could do then. I would love to know which is your favorite and how do you style your twist outs. Sharing is caring💜💜💜

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