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10 ways to Regrow and Care for Edges.

Other than knowing how to lay your edges, you ought to know how to care for your edges to keep them growing and flourishing. Wrong hair care practices can cause a residing hairline and if you missed the previous post on causes/reasons why you’re losing your edges catch it here. Now that we have got the causes of receding hairline out of the way, let’s get down to how to regrow and care for your edges.

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10 ways to Regrow and Care for Edges.

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How to Care for and Regrow your Edges

Get to know the root of the problem.

The first step to re-growing your hairline is knowing the cause. Receding hairline can be hereditary/ genetic, a medical problem, post birth shedding and wrong hair practices. If you embrace healthy scalp and hair practices but your hairline isn’t growing, visit a dermatologist or a trichologist.

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Glue-in & tape-in extensions.

These type of extensions weigh down your hairline, weakening it leading to breakage when worn close to your hairline. Wear the glue-in and tape-in extensions further away from your hairline. To get a fuller look, consider clip-in extensions but take them off before bed to let your hair and scalp breath.

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Scalp massages.

Scalp massages stimulate growth and when incorporated in our hair routine, they’ll regrow the hairline. Massage your hairline in circular motion for a couple of minutes every day using castor oil or Jamaican black castor oil

Use the pads of your fingers to massage, don’t ever use the fingernails on your scalp this can damage your scalp.

The best growth stimulating oils to massage the scalp;

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Balanced diet & supplements.

Eating healthy is an ingredient to hair growth. Incorporate healthy eating to your hair routines, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins, foods rich in omega 3 and stay hydrated. Daily multivitamins are known to stimulate hair growth.

Check your protective style.

Protective styles give your hair a break from over manipulation but some protective styles do more harm than good. Stay away from tightly held styles, braids, twists, buns and puffs. Styles that cause pull and tension to your hairlines, thins and weakens the edges. Avoid heavy braids and attaching a huge extension on a small patch and above all take breaks between protective styles and let your hair and scalp breath.

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Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!

I know most of us forget to moisturize our edges. Moisturizing your edges ought to be part of your moisturizing routine. Moisturize your edges and as you seal with your favorite oil, give it a growth stimulating massage.

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Excessive use of heat to dry, stretch or style your will put strain on your hair roots, slowly thin and weakening them making them prone to breakage. Do away with heat if you can and when using heat be mindful of the temperature you’re using and use a heat protectant.

Brushing and combing.

Brushes and combs can cause stress if not used gently. Small toothed combed put stress and tension on your hair. Only use wide toothed comb if you have to and brushes with smooth and fine bristles. You can embrace finger combing and brush at least twice or thrice a week if you have to.

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Styling gels and laying edges.

Most styling gels dry out your edges and dry edges means brittle and prone to breakage thus a residing hairline. Constantly laying your edges can cause strain on your edges, Our edges are delicate and needs so much TLC.

edges & twist outs

Towel drying, pillowcases and scarves.

Dry your hair with a t-shirt or wrap your wet hair with a towel or leso and ensure you sleep on satin pillowcases, bonnets and scarves. Cotton materials absorb moisture from your hair and the friction between your hair and material weakens your hairline leading to breakage.

How I care for my edges.

Massages at least thrice a week
I stay away from styling gels, combs and brushes.. I comb my hair with my fingers
I air dry my hair
Wear loose puffs, twists and twist outs, braids as protective styles
Sleep on satin pillowcase
Stretch without heat, I don’t use heat on my hair

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