How I Keep My 4C Natural Hair Curls Fresh Between Wash Days

How I Keep My 4C Natural Hair Curls Fresh Between Wash Days

Fresh, juicy and gorgeous natural hair curls between wash days is the goal. I mean, flat, dull and lifeless hair never looked good on anyone. Keeping your curls fresh between wash days is very much possible with curl refreshing products and techniques.

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I mostly have my hair in two strand twists like 80% of the time though lately am too lazy to twist and my hair is really flourishing, growing and showing off. So, lately have been wearing my hair out and when I don’t wanna deal with it, chunky twists come through.

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How to refresh curls between wash days

Refreshing 4C Natural Hair Curls Between Wash Days.

Personally, the defining and activating the curls starts on wash day. How do I activate and define curls on wash day? I apply my moisturizing products on wet hair after rinsing off the deep conditioner. The best part is my go to leave-in cream defines my curls so I don’t need to use a curling cream. Also, I do apply the moisturizing products on sectioned hair ( I work with 6-8 sections.)

The moisturizing process is as easy as applying a moisturizing leave-in cream, I prefer thick creams to lightweight ones. I should mention that most of the time I don’t use butters and oil sealant, I either use a leave-in cream and that’s it or a leave-in cream and a styling or curling cream. After moisturizing, I install braids to give my hair a little bit of stretch/ length and define curls. Braids give me better definition than twists and flat twists. Have a spray bottle you’ll need it because some parts will tend to start drying as you work on other sections.

How to keep curls fresh without washing

Some of the best moisturizing leave-in creams you can use;

If your leave-in cream doesn’t activate or define curls, use a curl defining cream to give you the definition your hair deserves. Some of the curl defining creams you can choose from;

I let my hair air dry then unravel the braids, style and am ready to go. So, let get into how I Keep the curls fresh in between washes.

Bedtime Routine.

I prefer sleeping with my hair in flat twists because re-braiding or twisting feels like a lot of work for me. If my hair feels dry, I section it into two parts because I do just two flat twists then I just spray a little water and apply a little leave-in cream ( too much product will cause build-up, white cast too) then flat twist. Also, I do comb out the section with my fingers removing the knots and tangles if any before twisting.

Did I mention that flat twists do define my curls too, that’s why I install them to keep the curls and define them some more. How do I protect my hair when sleeping? I prefer sleeping on a satin pillowcase only, your girl doesn’t like covering her hair though lately have been using a satin scarf and satin pillowcase.

On days when am too tired to flat twists, I do the banding method. Section my hair into 4 parts, moisturize if my hair needs it then hold each section from the roots to the ends with hair bands. Don’t hold the roots tight, you need that beauty sleep free from headache and discomfort. Also, you can use curl refreshers or hydrating hair mists to refresh and moisturize your curls.

Some of the best hydrating hair mists

How I keep my 4C natural hair curls fresh between washes

Morning Routine.

My morning looks like taking down the flat twists, separating the curls with my finger, a little fluffing and then styling. In between washes, stay away from combs unless you don’t mind losing the curl definition.

That’s how I Keep my natural hair curls fresh in between washes. My go to styles are mostly bun and bangs, high puff and bangs or just wear the Afro out. I keep my hair out for at most two weeks. Noticed some people do co-wash in between washes or use dry shampoo personally I don’t.

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I would love to know how you keep your curls fresh between wash days.

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