Benefits of hair moisture sealants. Why you should use hair moisture sealants

8 Moisture Sealants To Keep Moisture Locked in Your Hair.

Natural hair sealants are essential in your moisturizing routine especially if you have high porosity hair. Yes, you might need hair moisture sealants for low porosity hair too.

Natural hair especially 4c hair tends to dry a lot and it’s important that when you moisturize, you use moisture sealants to keep the moisture locked in for longer.

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Natural Hair sealants for sealing in moisture 
Butter and oil sealants for hair

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Everything you need to know about natural hair sealants

What are Moisture Sealants.

Moisture sealants are products used to lock in the moisture in your hair after moisturizing. Once you spray water on your hair, apply your go to moisturizing product to add moisture then follow up with a moisture sealant paying more attention to your hair ends. Moisture sealants are mostly butters and oils.

The kind of hair moisture sealant you use depends on your hair’s porosity type. For high porosity hair, use heavy Sealants like butters and oils like castor while and use lightweight oils and butters for low porosity hair. High porosity hair easily loses moisture that’s why you need heavier sealants while low porosity takes longer to absorb and lose moisture so products tend to sit on the hair for long.

Difference between Moisturizing and Sealing

Moisturizing is basically the art of adding moisture to your hair by using either water, hair mist or water based leave-in conditioners while dealing is the art of locking in the moisture by applying sealants like butters and oils.

Benefits of sealants.

Best butter sealants for natural hair

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Root Repair Growth Butter

Product Promise, “Rich in nutrients, our highly potent Jamaican Black Castor Oil stimulates hair growth, alleviates dry, itchy, flaky scalp, prevents dandruff and acts as a sealant for dry hair. Revitalizes damaged, dry hair and restores its healthy hair state, with shine and bounce.”

t.botanicals Chebe Hair Butter for Hair Growth.

t.botanicals Chebe Hair Butter for Hair Growth.

Product Promise, “All Natural Chebe Hair Butter is a great hair sealant and hair care oil for your daily routine. Contains Chebe infused olive oil, castor oil, horsetail, shea butter, sweet almond oil, avacado oil, grape seed oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, beeswax.”

As I Am Double Butter Cream

As I Am Double Butter Cream

Product Promise, “Locks in moisture.
Gives dull dry hair softness, shine and manageability. Contains Pro-vitamin B5, (known as Panthenol), to help repair split ends and strengthen hair. Provides dehydrated hair with what it needs to look and behave its very best.”

Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed Recipes Seal It Up, Hydrating Sealing Butter

Aunt Jackie's Flaxseed Recipes Seal It Up, Hydrating Sealing Butter

Product Promise, “Healthy hydration for protective styling and dry, brittle hair. Excellent hair therapy for sealing ends and guarding against damage and breakage. Enriched with flaxseed, shea butter, avocado and castor oil and honey
For natural hair curls, coils and waves.”

Raw Mango Butter

Raw Mango Butter

Product Promise, “Fatty acids in Mango Butter provide essential nutrients that helps both scalp and hair, leading to stronger hair follicles and a reduction in breakage. Rich in vitamins A and E, Mango Butter has a deep moisturizing and regenerative effect on both strands and scalp. It fortifies strands from the inside out, softens dry hair, reduces breakage, and smooths split ends. Locks in moisture to help to prevent scalp irritation and flaking without ever leaving the hair greasy or limp.”

Best Oil Sealants for Natural Hair

Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil

Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil

Product Promise, “Hydrating Hair Treatment: Our 7 Oil Scalp Oil and Hair Oil hydrates curly hair with moisture to help protect hair from breakage and split ends. Scalp feels moisturized and hair is stronger and healthy-looking with no weigh down after every use.”

African Pride Moisture Miracle 5 Essential Hair Oils

8 Moisture Sealants To Keep Moisture Locked in Your Hair.

Product Promise, “The restoring African Pride Moisture Miracle 5 Essential Oils treatment moisturizes the hair & scalp using a nourishing blend of essential oils & Vitamin E to replenish natural nutrients, prevent breakage & promote natural growth.”

Aunt Jackie’s Natural Growth Oil Blends Repair My Hair 

Aunt Jackie's Natural Growth Oil Blends Repair My Hair 

Product Promise, “Great for improving hair’s overall health, preventing & correcting damage & breakage, treating thinning & shedding. What will it do for my hair? Vitamin-infused, this remarkable natural growth oil blend is fortified with carrier oils known to help correct and prevent breakage & damage, while helping to reduce thinning & shedding. These oils are excellent remedies for treating split ends, restoring vibrancy and luster. For use on all hair types, especially curly, wavy, coily, coarse and thicker textures.”

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