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7 Things to Know before Moisturizing Natural Hair.

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Incase you missed the post on moisturizing methods, catch up here, it’s important you get started there. Now that you’re done with that, let get started on what to consider before moisturizing.

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7 things to know before moisturizing

Porosity type-this is the first factor, you’ll need to know your hair porosity type since porosity(hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture). There are three porosity types; low, medium and high, knowing your your porosity type helps you to know how to moisturize, how often you need to moisturize and the products to use. Get to know all about porosity types and how to know your porosity type here.

Product Ingredients- When it comes to products, water should top the list of ingredients. Water is either labelled as aqua or just water. Avoid products that dry out your hair, all moisturizing products should be water based.

Moisturizing Mosara milk

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Weather/Climate- air and weather conditions will have think twice about your moisturizing game. Hot, windy and dry weather will have you moisturizing regularly be ready to carry your spray bottle, add humectant to your moisturizer or use heavy sealants to reduce moisture loss but be careful with weighing down your hair. In high humidity use products with anti-humectants to avoid frizz caused by absorption of moisture from the air.

Occupation-Under which conditions do you work? Where you work and the conditions you’re exposed to will affect your moisturizing game, so next time you’re moisturizing your hair, keep that in mind.

State of your hair- by state of the hair I mean whether your hair is open or in a protective style and how often you’re manipulating it. Open hair should be moisturized regularly since it’s exposed to weather conditions and manipulation unlike hair in a protective style. For styling enthusiasts , you’ll need to moisturize before manipulating your hair.

7 Things to Know before Moisturizing Natural Hair.

How often do you need to moisturize.

How often you need to moisturize depends on the above factors and not only that, paying attention to how your hair works is essential too. Get to know which moisturizing method works best for your hair and how long your hair stays moisturized.

How to moisturize.

LOC/LCO are the universal hair moisturizing methods and get to know all about it here. Layering products daily can be exhausting and life is so fast and busy and sometimes we don’t have time to lay them and that’s where the spray bottle comes in.

Add your favorite moisturizing products in the bottle and spritz on your hair to moisturize. Once you spritz you can add more moisture by applying a leave-in then seal in. Note; Don’t wet your hair just dampen it.

I would love to know how you moisturize your hair and what is in your spray bottle?

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