4C hair Moisturizing mistakes to avoid for healthy and soft hair

4C Natural Hair Moisturizing Mistakes to Avoid.

Are you making these natural hair moisturizing mistakes? Mistakes are inevitable and that’s how we learn. Moisturizing is an essential step in your hair care routine that you shouldn’t skip and ought to nail.

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Moisturizing softens your hair, activates curls, makes styling easier and gives your hair shine. Always keep your hair moisturized, dry hair doesn’t look good on anyone and it’s susceptible to breakage & split ends. Before moisturizing, get to know your hair’s porosity type and this will help with picking moisturizing products and moisturizing method to use.

4c hair Moisturizing mistakes you might be making

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Are you making these Hair Moisturizing Mistakes?

Using oil as a moisturizer.

I have heard this a thousand and one times and it shocks me every single time. Someone will come to me complaining of dry hair and when I ask do you moisturize and what do you use, a loud yes I moisturize and I use this oil to moisturize. Oils are excellent moisture sealants, meaning after applying your go to leave-in conditioner to moisturize, the oil keep the moisture locked in your hair.

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Only use water to moisturize.

For coarse 4C natural hair, water only may not be enough to moisturize. Adding a moisturizing cream will give your hair the moisture and softness you need to style your gorgeous hair. Water will easily evaporate leaving your hair super dry.

When I started my hair care journey, I only used water and oil and around mid-day my hair would feel so dry. Using a leave-in conditioner was a game changer for me especially on wash day after rinsing off the deep conditioner.

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Moisturizing all of your hair at once

One of the hair care hacks that am thankful for knowing is, working in small sections. Sectioning is an ultimate game changer when it comes to dealing with hair from cleansing, styling and applying products. If you want well moisturized hair and coat every strand of hair, apply moisturizing products in small sections of hair.

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Letting Hair Dry before Moisturizing on Wash Day.

One of the reasons why your hair feels dry and doesn’t seem to retain moisture is letting it completely dry without moisturizing and probably not dampening it before applying a moisturizer. Immediately after rinsing off the deep conditioner, apply your go to moisturizing products and lock-in the moisture with a sealant. This keeps the moisture locked longer and your hair moisturized with popping curls too.

Other moisturizing mistakes your might be making

  • Keeping your hair wet in the name of moisturizing. Wet hair doesn’t equate to moisturized hair and keeping your hair went may cause hygral fatigue (over-moisturizing)
  • Using hair mists only especially if you have thick and coarse hair. If you have coarse thick hair, consider creamy and thick moisturizing products.
  • For fine hair, don’t use thick moisturizers because they will weigh down your strands. Use lightweight moisturizing products and sealants.

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