Why you should use hair care products on your hair

Do you Need Hair Products for Healthy Hair?

Are hair care products important and should you use them? I’ve seen ladies talk about their hair growing without using any hair products. I think it’s safe to say hair care products don’t grow your hair. The question is, if they don’t grow your hair then why do you need them?

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I’ve shared way many times that you don’t need every product that is out here or every product that promises all the things you wanna see in your hair. Just get the essential products that meets the needs of your. For example, you don’t need a detangler and a instant/ rinse out conditioner because most conditioners have the slip you need to detangle.

Benefits of Natural Hair products

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Should you Use Hair Products.

The simple answer is yes, and if you answer is no, I would love to know why in the comment section. I mean, we learn new things everyday and not using hair care products would save me a couple of shillings. From my experience, hair care products are essential for healthy hair.

Imagine cleansing your hair with only water after wearing your hair for a week or two. Will just water wash out all the dirt, sweat and dead skin from your scalp? How about dealing with dry hair? I can’t imagine walking around with dry hair and having to deal with how it feels and probably the breakage that comes with it.

Benefits of using hair products

Our hair benefits from products in different ways. Some products strengthen the hair minimizing breakage, others moisturize and soften the hair making it manageable and easy to style, while others add shine and repair damage not forgetting some activate curls giving you some juicy, bouncy and defined curls.

Personally I mostly use three products: a shampoo, deep conditioner and a moisturizing cream. On few occasions I use oils to pre-poo and for a scalp massages and when using a light water based leave-in conditioners, I do use a hair butter to keep the moisture locked in longer. My go to moisturizing cream is the African pride moisture miracle coconut oil and baobab oil leave-in conditioner.

Back to you don’t need each and every product out here. For me, I have never purchased a detangler because instant conditioners work too and some leave-in conditioners have a good slip for detangling too. I also don’t use rinse off conditioner after cleansing as some people do, after cleansing the next step is deep conditioning then moisturizing. When it comes to product, buy what’s essential for you.

Some moisturizing creams or leave-in conditioners will give you the same curls you would get from using a curling cream. Personally, I’ve never used a curling cream before because moisturizing creams work for me and also I don’t care much about curl definition. Same with styling gels, I’m not a fan of sleeked down styles so that’s another product that isn’t important to me.

Benefits of Using Hair Care Products.

  • Remove all the product build-up, dirt and sweat from your hair and scalp.
  • Strengthening the hair minimizing breakage.
  • Moisturizing hair making it soft, manageable and easy to style.
  • Help repair hair damage.
  • Adds shine to your strands.
  • Protects your hair from damage.
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Activates curls, gives your styles juicy and defined curls.

Products are essential for healthy scalp and hair. Always check the ingredients lists before purchasing any hair care products. Only buy products that will meet your hair and scalp needs.

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