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How To Moisturize 4C Natural Hair after Washing.

Moisturizing after washing is super important, you don’t want clean but dry and hard hair after washing. Don’t just moisturize, seal in the moisture.

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Let me first start by saying, always use a moisturizing deep conditioner after cleansing your hair and scalp to restore moisture and condition the hair. Also, if your hair feels dry and squeaky clean after cleansing consider doing a pre-poo/ pre-shampoo treatment.

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Moisturizing natural hair after washing
Step by step guide on how to Moisturize Natural Hair after washing

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Dry and hard hair is mostly as a result of improper moisturizing or not moisturizing at all. Moisture helps minimize breakage, split ends, softens the hair making it manageable. How do you achieve moisturized hair everytime? By knowing your hair’s porosity, the best moisturizing products for your hair and moisturizing method that works best for you.

Do you know your hair’s porosity type? If you don’t kindly do because it helps with not only moisturizing but also purchasing the best products for your porosity type and how best to care for your hair.

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How to Moisturize Natural Hair on Wash Day.

Don’t let your hair air dry before moisturizing, to retain as much moisture as possible moisturize after rinsing off the deep conditioner. Immediately after rinsing off the deep conditionet, use a microfiber towel or T-shirt to absorb the excess water from your hair.Once the excess water has been absorbed, start moisturizing. You can use either LOC/ LCO/ LC/ LOCO moisturizing methods. These methods show how to lay your products where L stands for Liquid/ Leave-in conditioner, O stands for Oils or butters and C- Cream ( moisturizing, curling creams and styling gels)

Which method works best? Try both LOC/ LCO and find out which works best for you. You can either choose to start with leave-in followed by a moisturizing cream then a sealant (oil or butter) or start with Leave-in conditioner, oil/butter then finally a cream and/ or styling gels.

After moisturizing, style as desired or stretch your hair using braids, twists, African threading, flat twists or heat. When using heat to stretch, don’t roast your hair instead use minimum temperature and use heat protectants to avoid hair damage.

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How to re-moisturize/ refresh your hair.

For mid-week or in between the week moisturizing, use hair mists/ curl refreshers to re-moisturize and keep your hair fresh and moisturized.

Also, do protect your hair when sleeping by wearing a satin bonnet, scarf or sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Unlike satin/ silk bonnets, cotton scarf and pillowcase absorb moisture from your hair and isn’t as gentle on your hair especially your edges.

Consider massaging your scalp after moisturizing or oiling the scalp to increase blood circulation in the scalp, activate dormant follicles and stimulate growth.

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How do you moisturize after washing your hair?

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