How to apply moisturizing hair products like a pro

How to Apply Moisturizing Products On Dry Type 4 Hair.

Is there a right or wrong way to apply moisturizing hair products? I believe the right way is one that works for your hair. Just because a certain way works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. Just like situations where a product will work for someone and not work for you

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Moisturizing natural hair is one important step in your hair care routine that you should never skip. We all know dry hair never looked on anyone and it’s more prone to tangles and damage. Moisturized hair is soft, shiny, holds styles better and cute.

How to lay moisturizing hair products
Step by step guide on how to apply moisturizing hair products

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How to Apply Moisturizing Hair Products.

Moisturizing starts from which shampoo you use to cleanse, whether you do a pre-shampoo treatment or not and the type of deep conditioner you use. All those influence how much moisturizing product will you need.

When shampooing, use a gentle cleanser when you notice minimal dirt and product build up instead of using a clarifying shampoo which may strip off all the natural oils leaving your hair feeling dry and brittle. Only use clarifying shampoo after wearing a long term protective style and when you notice lots of build up.  

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Pre-shampoo treatment also do help with minimizing the stripping off of natural oils when cleansing. Pre-shampoo treatment also known as pre-poo is the process of applying an oil, conditioner or on store pre-shampoo treatment on your hair, leaving it for minutes to penetrate and coat your strands before cleansing. Read more about it on this post. 

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Using a moisturizing deep conditioner after cleansing is a game changer when it comes to hair moisture. Moisturizing deep conditioners restore moisture and condition the hair leaving it soft, manageable with curls popping. If you hair feels dry after wash day and you don’t use a moisturizing deep conditioner, this is your sign to get one. After rinsing off the moisturizing deep conditioner the next step is layering or applying moisturizing hair products.

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Layering moisturizing hair products.

When moisturizing, always start with damp hair. Either spray water or a hair mist to dampen the hair before applying your go to moisturizer or leave-in conditioner. When choosing a leave-in conditioner, consider your porosity type and whether your hair is coarse or fine. With coarse hair, purchase a thicker, creamy leave-in conditioner and go for less thick, water based leave-in conditioners.

Apply leave-in conditioners along your hair length, focusing on the ends which tend to be more dry and need more product. Gently detangle if your hair needs it, use your fingers, wide tooth comb or a detangling brush.

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Leave-in conditioners not only moisturizes your hair, they activate and define your curls and repair damage and strengthen your hair depending on its ingredients. Read more on leave-in conditioners on this post.

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To keep your hair moisturized longer or rather retain as much moisture as possible, lock in the moisture with butter or oil or both. Butters and oils are known as moisture sealants because they keep the moisture from evaporating from your strands by creating a protective layer.

Apply a butter along your length and add some of that butter on your ends to keep the moisture locked in. You can choose to use butter only as your sealant or an oil only. With oils, apply along your hair’s length and your scalp if you have a dry scalp and massage it in. I prefer using only butter as a sealant and oils for scalp oiling and scalp massage. 

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I hear you asking when should you apply a curl defining product? Wanna define your curls or you’re installing styles like twists, braids & Bantu knots? Well, apply a curl defining cream after applying a leave-in conditioner. Some curl creams have a moisturizing effect which adds moisture to your strands.

After applying the curl cream along your length, apply an oil to lock in the moisture. Applying a butter may weigh down your hair and you don’t want that.

You can also choose to not apply anything else after the curl creams, I know you’ve heard of the no oils curly method, you can try it and see if it works for you.

For styling gels, always apply them after layering the moisturizing and sealing products. Styling gels are not formulated to moisturize your hair, explains why your hair feels kinda hard after the styling gel dries off. 

There you have it, I would love to know how you apply your moisturizing.

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