Hair detangling mistakes to avoid Detangling natural hair

Hair Detangling Mistakes To Avoid At all Cost.

Today’s post is all about hair detangling mistakes to avoid and probably I’ll share some detangling tips that have worked for me and other naturals.

How most of us if not all dread detangling. Personally, detangling feels like an extreme sport reason why I prefer stretched hair and wearing styles like two strand twists and braids. As much as detangling can be hectic, there are ways to make it easier and manageable.

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Natural hair Detangling Mistakes To Avoid
Detangling mistakes you shouldn't make
Best hair detangling tips

What is detangling?

Detangling is the process of getting rid of hair tangles and knots. Our hair, mostly type 4 hair with tight coils which tend to curl and hug each other is prone to tangling. So, detangling is the practice of removing the tangles by separating your strands from the tangled ball, don’t snap off the tangles.

Why should you detangle?

First, you can’t be walking around with a head full of tangles and knots sis, that would never look good on you. You need them out of your hair. Always detangle before styling and installing any low manipulation style on your hair for cute styles and detangled hair is easy to manage. 

Why your hair keeps tangling

  • Not moisturizing your hair
  • Leaving your hair in shrunken state for long 
  • Keeping styles like two strand twists for long
  • Your ends are damaged

Natural Hair Detangling Mistakes to Avoid

Detangling a huge section of hair.

If you wanna get frustrated and feel like hair care is a pain, detangle a huge chunk of hair at once. Always work in smaller sections of hair, they are easy to detangle and apply a detangling products. Section your hair into small parts, hold each part with a scrunchie or clip and detangle a section at a time.

Detangling from the roots to the ends.

Personally, I prefer starting with the ends and work my way up to the roots because the ends are usually more tangled and when I start from roots, I noticed the tangles and knots at the end seem to tighten. If you notice the same, next time try detangling from the ends and let me know how that works for you.

Detangling dry hair.

This goes without saying, dry hair isn’t fun to manipulate in any way, whether it’s styling, combing or installing a style. It’s delicate and prone to breakage and damage. I don’t know how one would run a comb or brush through dry hair, the sound of your hair breaking should scare you. Always apply a detangler, conditioner or any DIY detangling product of choice, make sure your strands are coated with the products before running a brush or comb through it. 

Wrong choice of tools

What you use also affects how smooth or hard the detangling process will be. Using a fine toothed comb is something you should never do or think of when it comes to detangling or even combing natural hair. Use your fingers, wide tooth comb or a detangling brush. Personally, I use my fingers and a wide tooth comb. I start off with detangling and separating the strands with my fingers getting rid of all shed hair and tangles that I can then finish up with a wide tooth comb.

Starting off with a wide tooth comb feels a little hectic because it keeps snagging on the hair, so starting with my fingers makes it easier. 

Using Products without slip.

Products with a good slip will melt away the tangles and make it easier to remove strands from the tangled ball of hair and will easily glide away the knots and tangles. Whichever products you choose whether a rinse out conditioner, detangler, aloe vera gel and other diy products, make sure they are giving you the slip you need to detangle. 

One last mistake is detangling in a rush. Never detangle when on a rush unless you have a TWA. Detangle when you’ve enough the time in your hands to avoid being frustrated.

Detangling tips for easier detangling

  • Detangle smaller sections of hair. The smaller the section,  the easier it’s to run a comb or brush through it and the less product you’ll use. 
  • Never detangle hair when it’s in its dry state. Apply a detangling product with a good a slip before detangling and apply a generous amount.
  • Start from the ends and work your way towards the roots.
  • Detangle when you’ve enough time in your hands, don’t rush through detangling.
  • Use the right tools to detangle. A wide tooth comb, fingers or a detangling brush will do just fine.

Detangling tips for easier detangling

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