Tips to grow hair naturally

15 Best Practices for Hair Growth.

What are your 2023 hair goals? More hair growth, length retention, styling, definition? This post is for y’all looking to grow your hair longer and healthier.

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Best practices for 4C hair growth
How to grow 4c natural hair

Most if not all of us wanna grow our hair long to a point where we buy any product that promises growth. Do products help with growth? Yes they do stimulate growth, activate dormant follicles. Your hair is always growing but if you are not noticing any increase in length, may be your hair is experiencing excessive breakage.

If you wanna grow your hair in 2023, you ought to be intentional with your hair care practices, routine and products. Here are hair practices to adopt today if you wanna grow your hair long, healthy and thick.

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Do this 15 Things for Hair Growth

Know your hair’s porosity and how to care for it.

Do you know your hair’s porosity type? No? That’s the perfect place to start this 2023. How does knowing your porosity help? It helps you know how to properly care for your hair, moisturize and the right products for your porosity type.

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Moisturize religiously.

This should be at the top of the list. Moisturized hair is easy to style, looks lush and bouncy, has defined curls, less prone to tangles and breakage meaning more length and if that ain’t enough reason why you should moisturize, I don’t know what else will influence you to. Get your moisturizing products, use whichever moisturizing method that works for you and re-moisturize as needed, every other day, after 2-3 days, weekly etc.

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Never Comb Dry hair.

I mean this is obvious not only is it painful but also weakens your hair causing breakage. Dry hair is weak and susceptible to breakage and also combing dry hair causes strain to your scalp, may also damage the scalp. We all need a healthy scalp for growth of healthy hair.

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Use wide toothed comb.

Wide toothed combs are gentle on your hair unlike the fine toothed combs and rat tail combs. And when using wide toothed comb, consider starting with finger detangling and comb small sections at a time. Don’t comb your whole head at once unless you love frustrations, just divide and conquer.

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Don’t skip deep conditioning after Cleansing.

Deep conditioning is important for healthy hair especially if you manipulate your hair often or experiencing hair damage. Moisturizing deep conditioners restore moisture, condition the hair, improves elasticity, shine and softens the hair while protein based deep conditioners/ protein treatments strengthens the hair, reconstructs and repairs damage.

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Don’t depend on magic growth products to grow your hair.

I don’t know about you but I do believe some products help stimulate growth but depending on only magic products without properly caring for your hair is bizarre. Use the magic growth products if they have ingredients your hair needs and couple that with healthy practices and routine.

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How to grow 4c hair longer faster

Aim at Retaining length.

I know by now you know your hair is always growing, reason why you have undergrowths. Since growth is a natural process, your job is to retain the growth and the length you already have. Don’t focus on growing hair but rather retaining the growth and current length.

How to you retain growth and current length? By having a consistent hair routine, moisturizing religiously, protecting your ends, wearing low manipulation and protective styles, using the right products and loving your hair.

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Be cautious with heat.

Do you know too much heat causes heat damage, thinning and weak hair, breakage too? No? Now you know. Heat is okay but we all know too much of anything is dangerous. If you can stay away from heat like yours truly, do so and if you can’t, use minimum heat, use heat less frequent and invest in a heat protectant.

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Care for and protect your Edges.

Caring, protecting and regrowing your edges ought to be top of your hair goals list. Edges give us an extra confidence boost and they will always look cute. Stay away from styles that pull or cause tension to your edges, moisturize your edges too and give them a massage with growth stimulating oils to regrow them, be gentle with your edges.

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Have realistic goals and growth expectations.

Do I have to explain this too? Have realistic expectations and goals, a hair routine, products and healthy practices to get you there. Also, don’t compare your hair, comparison takes away our joy and enjoying the process.

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Sectioning is a game changer.

If you haven’t started working in a small sections, this is your sign to do so. Detangle, cleanse, apply products a small section at a time, sectioning saves time and every strand gets the products.

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Low manipulation and protective styles.

These styles will keep your hair protected from daily manipulation and damage, help you retain length and keep your hair healthy and lush. Daily brushing, combing all year round will have you complaining of thinning hair and breakage. Comb or brush when necessary, don’t make it a daily habit and have styles like twist, box braids, flat twists, braids, Bantu knots, knotless braids etc as your friend and make sure the styles are not tight.

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Be gentle when detangling.

Don’t detangle when in a bad mood or have no time to gently detangle especially if you’ve been wearing your hair out in a shrunken state. Take time to gently detangle, use a detangler with a good slip, detangle in small sections, start off by using your fingers to detangle then use a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush.

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Protect your ends.

The ends are the oldest, weakest part of your hair and should be handled with extra TLC. You may have noticed your ends dry faster than the rest of the strands & tangles easily too. To protect your ends, keep them moisturized, wear styles that protect your ends and keep your ends tucked away.

Know hair products and how best to use them.

Knowing hair product types in the market is not enough. You ought to know which ingredients to look for, if the products are best for your porosity type and how to use them especially the conditioners.

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Protect your hair when sleeping.

First, don’t sleep with your Afro open and all over the place unless you enjoy tangles and detangling struggles. If you don’t sleep with your head covered like yours truly, consider holding your hair in a high bun or puff before sleeping.

Ditch those cotton pillowcases, scarf and say hello to the gentle silk/satin bonnet, scarf or silk pillowcases. Cotton absorbs moisture from your hair and isn’t gentle on your strands.

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That’s all from me, which tips have worked for you?

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