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8 Causes of Thinning Hairline & Edges.

Is your hair receding, have a struggling hairline, you lost your baby hairs and/or have no idea on what causes receding hairline?

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Well, the edges or rather the baby hairs are fragile thus ‘ baby hairs’ and need to be handled gently and with utmost care. Get to know why you’re losing your hairline fast and the hair care practices costing your gorgeous baby hairs.

Causes of receding hairline.

Receding hairline can be hereditary/ genetic, have a look at your family tree for signs of receding hairline. You may also be experiencing post birth shedding, the aftermath of chemical processes, poor scalp care and wrong hair care practices or medical issues where you ought to visit a trichologist / dermatologist. Today, we focusing on hair practices costing you, your hairline.

Tight/un-protective styles.

I’ll preach this over and over, not all protective styles are protective. Holding your hair tightly when braiding or wearing any protective styles(braids, cornrows) will definitely thin your hair and eventually break your hairline. Adding a huge extension on a small patch of hair can weaken your hair breaking it.

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Holding your buns and puffs too tight and frequently will cause tension on your hairline breaking it. Wear loosely held buns and puffs this will save you an all day headache too. Take at least a week or two break before installing a protective style and let your scalp breath.

8 Causes of Thinning Hairline & Edges.

Over styling/over manipulation.

We all want to get styling adventurous but too much of something is poisonous. Style at least twice or thrice a week if you have to cause excessive styling causes tension on the strands and the scalp as well, our scalp and hair needs extra TLC. The one habit we have ‘hand on hair syndrome ‘ can be the reason you’re losing your hairline, let your baby hairs rest unless you are giving them a massage.

Excessive heat.

Heat is okay if used the right way and occasionally but excessive use of heat will weaken your hair and especially your hairline since it’s fragile. I know most of us use heat to stretch your hair but you can stretch without using heat by braiding, twisting, Africa threading, buning and banding.

Excessive brushing and combing

To start off, discard all the small toothed combs. If you need to comb your hair use a wide toothed comb and a brush with soft bristles. Laying your edges is cute and all until you weaken them and slowly start losing them. Go slow with the combs and brushes cause the tension and strain weakens and thins your hair. For volume chasers get into the habit or routine of using your fingers to comb out your hair, it works wonders for your volume. I haven’t used a comb for the longest time and am yet to consider brushing it.

See my Hairline

Semi-permanent glue-in and tape-in extensions.

Avoid semi-permanent glue-in and tape-in hair extensions close to the front of the head/close to your edges since they tend to pull and weigh down hair strands. U can use clip-in extensions if you want your style/hair to have a fuller look but be sure to remove them while sleeping, your hair needs rest and fresh air too.

Cotton scarfs and pillowcases, Towel drying

What you sleep on matters, cotton pillowcases and scarves tend to absorb the moisture from your hair drying it and making it prone to breakage. The friction between your hair and the pillowcase as you turn weakens your edges. Rubbing your towel on wet hair as you dry it weakens your strands too and the more you rub it, the higher the breakage rates. Wrap the towel or leso and let it absorb the water or gently dry with a t-shirt.

Tight sleeping caps.

Sleeping caps ought to be comfortable, not suffocating your hair or pressing your edges tight. Stay away from satin caps without satin borders cause the friction that’ll weaken your edges.

My protective style for the next two weeks.

I would love to know how is your hairline doing. See you in the comment section

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