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Must have Tools and Products for Natural Hair Beginner.

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Hello mane embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

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First, congratulations for returning natural and embracing your hair. I know figuring out what you need as a beginner can be overwhelming especially now we have lots of tools and products promising to ease our journey.

Beginners I hope you’re ready with your notebooks cos am about to share with you the essential tools and products you need to kick start your hair journey.

As a beginner you don’t need all of them, I believe in starting small and progressing while you learn what works, what doesn’t and what you can add to your journey. Too much talking, let’s get into the essential tools and products.

tools and products for natural hair regimen

Must have Tools and Products.


You’ll have to cleanse your hair weekly or after every two weeks with a shampoo. I would advise you start off with a sulfate free shampoo or Shampoo bar for cleansing.

product_image_name-Mosara-Sulfate Free Shampoo - 250ml-1
Mosara sulfate free shampoo

Instant conditioner
I love conditioners that give a good slip for detangling and are super moisturizing. Instant/ rinse off conditioners strengthens, moisturizes and you can use them to wash your hair in between washes if you need to(co-washing).

product_image_name-Mosara-Rich Conditioner - 250ml-1
Mosara rich conditioner

Deep conditioner
Deep conditioner can either be moisturizing or protein conditioner and some products have a balance of both moisture and protein like marini 2in1 deep conditioner. Deep conditioners strengthen, nourish and repair the hair.

product_image_name-Marini Naturals-Nourish & Flourish 2 IN 1 Moisture & Protein Deep Treatment-1
Marini moisture and protein deep conditioner

Leave-in conditioner
As the name states you apply and leave in the hair unlike the other conditioners that you have to rinse off. I love a moisturizing leave in since I don’t have to purchase a moisturizer. They add moisture, hydrate and soften your hair.

product_image_name-Mosara-Moisture Milk - 250ml-1
Moisture Milk

Oils and butters.
These are moisture sealants. You ought to seal in to keep your hair moisturized, soft, fresh and manageable. Oils are essential for hot oil treatments too which restores moisture, shine and tames frizz. Oils include: coconut, avocado, argan, castor, olive, jojoba, tea tree, lavender etc and butters: Shea butter, mango butter etc.


Wide tooth comb– aids in detangling.

Must have Tools and Products for Natural Hair Beginner.
wide tooth comb

Hair picker-to fluff your twist and braid outs or afro if you need to.

product_image_name-Fashion-Afro Metal Comb Wide Toothed Comb-1
Hair picker

Bobby pins– for styling those frohawks, holds the hair. So you know you’ll never have enough of these since they keep on disappearing to God knows where.

product_image_name-Flower-Bobby Pins Hair Pins 48 Hair Grips-1
Bobby pins

Hair clips– to hold your sectioned hair during cleansing, detangling or styling.

Spray bottle– for daily moisturizing, add your moisturizing ingredients and spray on your hair.

Must have Tools and Products for Natural Hair Beginner.
spray bottle

Scissors- when it’s time for the split and damaged ends to go, a nice and sharp pair of shears will help in trimming and dusting.

Rat tail comb– essential for sectioning your hair.

product_image_name-Generic-Highlight Comb Weaving Sectioning Rat Tail Coloring Foiling-1
Rat tail comb

Applicator bottle– essential when it comes to applying your prepoo products and for hot oil application.

product_image_name-Fashion-Hair Applicator Bottle-1
spray bottle

T-shirt- to dry your hair after cleansing since it’s gentle on your hair.

Satin bonnets or pillowcases- to protect your hair when sleeping.

product_image_name-Fashion-Satin Sleep Bonnet - Free Satin Scrunchie-Black-1
satin bonnet

Plastic caps/ shower caps- for deep conditioning, prepoo and hot oil treatments you’ll need this.

As you get into the pro stage or feel you need to add on a few things or switch them up, here are more items:

Moisturizer– If your leave in doesn’t fully moisturize your hair, you may want to get a moisturizer.

product_image_name-Mosara-Moisture Milk - 250ml-1
Mosara moisture milk

Microfiber towel– absorb moisture after cleansing and reduce tangles and knots cos they are gentle.

product_image_name-Fashion-Hot Pink Single Layered Microfiber Hair Towel-1
Microfiber towel

Diffuser– works for wash and go, helps to quickly dry your hair, minimize shrinkage and give volume and length.

Thermal cap/ Hair steamer – helps infuse the conditioner ingredients into your strands better by adding heat.

Styling gel– for easy styling and makes your hair manageable.

product_image_name-Eco Styler-Olive Oil Styling Gel - 473 Ml.-1
Eco styler olive oil

Curling cream– when twisting or braiding use curling cream to achieve defined and bouncy curls.

product_image_name-AFRICAN PRIDE-Curling Cream Moisturize & Define Shea Butter & Flaxseed Oil-1
Curling cream

Flexi-rods– if you love some bouncy and gorgeous spirals, invest in these.

product_image_name-Fashion-30 Pieces flexi rods/curling rods...-1
flexi rods

Scalp massager– scalp massages help in blood flow and stimulates growth and this tool gives a relaxing massage and helps get rid of build up. If you love massages and clean scalp, this is your to go to scalp.

product_image_name-Generic-2Pcs Hair Scalp Massager  Brush Shower Head  For Kids-1
Scalp massager

Edge brush/ groomer– for those with edges to lay or love having them laid, well, an edge groomer or brush will do just that or you can use a toothbrush with gentle brushes.

product_image_name-Fashion-Double Sided Smooth Eyebrow EdgeControl Mini Brush-1
Edge brush

See you on the next post, thank you for the love and support and share this with everyone who might need it. Wish you fun, easy and enjoyable transitioning journey.

Lemme know your must have tools and products.

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