You are currently viewing 9 reasons your 4C Natural Hair isn’t growing.

9 reasons your 4C Natural Hair isn’t growing.

My hair isn’t growing? How can I grow my hair? This sounds like you, right?

Hello mane embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

My hair isn’t growing? How can I grow my hair? This sounds like you, right? First, your hair is always growing and the reason why you are not seeing any length might be because you have unrealistic growth goals, you keep checking your length every now and then, your hair care practices ain’t working for your hair or you are not retaining any length. Are you retaining any length? All tips on how to retain length here.

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hair isn't growing

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Hair isn’t growing? Here is why.

Hair Regimen/Routine.

Hello sis, do you have a regimen and hair care routine? If yes, are you consistent? Just like you have a skin care routine and a routine to achieving your body goals, your hair needs a healthy and consistent hair care regimen/routine for it to grow. You have no idea how to go about with getting a hair regimen?

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Hair Breakage

Almost every person who complains their hair ain’t growing, the complain is followed by “…. and it’s breaking a lot too.” Breakage is bound to happen cos of manipulation and all but if it’s breaking too much, you need to have a look at your hair care practices. Are you over manipulating? Do you moisturize? When was the last time you trimmed? Are your products meant to be used for natural hair? If this is you, get to know causes of breakage here.

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Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!

First, never manipulate dry hair and Second, keep your hair moisturized this way you’ll minimize breakage cos dry hair easily breaks. Moisturize as soon as you notice your hair is dry according to your porosity type. Did I say ensure your hair is moisturized before styling? Use the LOC/LCO moisturizing methods to moisturize and check out more ways you can add moisture to your hair here.

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Unrealistic length goals.

We all want our hair at waist length or shoulder length in its shrunken state but that length goal won’t happen overnight. Sis, if you keep looking in the mirror checking that length, you’ll get discouraged. Do the hair care work and your hair will reward you not instantly but eventually. Make realistic length goals as well Rome wasn’t built overnight, everything worth having takes time.

Heat styling.

Minimal heat is okay but frequently using heat will weaken your hair and weak hair means breakage. If you can avoid heat please do and if it’s impossible use it at low heat.

Protective styling.

Protective styles are good for your hair if they are protective, not all protective styles are protective. If your hair is pulled, a small section of hair is attached to a mega extension, you have to style it daily well, it isn’t a protective style. A protective style is meant to protect your hair from manipulation and everyday tension. If you want to know if your protective styles are actually protective, check out here.

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hair isn't growing here is why
Natural Hair growth

Excessive brushing and combing.

Don’t be pulling your hair, brushing and combing it every now and then and expect to see growth. Frequently doing this will thin and weaken your strands and cause tension to your scalp and if the scalp ain’t healthy, neither is the hair and don’t expect the growth you so much desire. First, get to know how to care for your scalp here and second, be gentle when brushing/combing your hair, don’t do it like always and use the right brushes and combs.

Trimming and dusting.

Regular trims are a part of growing healthy hair. No one wants to part with their hair but why have split ends that will give your favorite styles a rugged look? If you skip trims, the split ends will travel up your length and you’ll part with a lot of inches and trust me that’ll be a painful experience so the earlier the better. Seated there wondering if you need a trim? Well, I got you here.

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Bedtime care.

How your care for your hair while sleeping matters. What do you sleep in/on. Cotton pillowcases and scarf can cause breakage since they absorb moisture from your hair and the friction between your hair and cotton material weakens your hair. Sleep on satin/silk pillowcases and bonnets, the are gentle.

9 reasons your 4C Natural Hair isn't growing.

Growing out your hair isn’t as hard as you feel it is and neither is it easy. Everything gets better with consistency and once you know what your hair loves and feed it more of that, it’ll reward you.

Love your at every stage and pay attention to it’s likes and dislike. To grow your hair you ought to have a loving relationship with it and put effort.

Till the next post, take care and love yourself fiercely and share this with anyone who may need this, Sharing is caring.???

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  2. njemarasi

    Great post. What’s your opinion on rice water? Have you tried it?

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      Haven’t tried it yet, when it comes to rice water and color am a chicken😂

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