How to properly use Aloe Vera gel on Type 4 hair

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Let’s talk natural hair maintenance cost and how to use Aloe Vera for a minute. One of my hair struggles is how fast my products get depleted, with more volume and length comes more product and cash usage. That’s why I try to come up with ways to lower my hair maintenance cost. I love my hair but not willing to spend most of my money on it when I can get creative and adventurous.

Everything DIY Aloe Vera gel

Did I say there is a blog post on how I cut down the cost? Catch up on it here.
Have been using Aloe Vera for the last two years or so and am loving it. First, because I save up on detangler/instant conditioner and oils and second, it strengthens and help grow my hair. What else could I ask for?

Aloe Vera is rich in nourishing nutrients like: vitamins, water, minerals and fatty acids. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal/viral, antioxidant and moisturizing properties which help in nourishing the scalp, soothes itchy scalp, treat dandruffs, moisturizes, repairs and restores hair elasticity. Let’s get into the real deal here;

How to extract Aloe Vera gel

  • Cut the Aloe Vera leaf
  • Wash the leaf with running water and let the yellow latex/fluid drain off
  • Cut off the serrated/spiky ends
  • Cut the leaf into smaller pieces and divide the pieces vertically to extract the gel
  • Extract the whitish gel by scooping with a spoon

To detangle section your hair, put your gel in an applicator bottle or just apply directly with your hands a section a time from the scalp all through your length and detangle, wear your shower cap and let it sit for a while before shampooing.

Have you tried Aloe gel on your hair? How did it work for you? Catch up on a detailed post about pre poo here.


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