Which products will grow my hair faster?

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Which products will grow my hair faster?

Hello mane embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

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What do you use on your hair? Which products will grow my hair faster? Every time I see these questions I pause, smile and be like “darling, good luck with products growing your hair faster” because products alone can’t grow your hair. If products alone grew our hair faster we would all have waist length manes and massive volume but here we are trynna make it to shoulder length.

Do products grow hair faster?

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I know some people will swear by some products, we all have been there. You change your hair products and you start noticing more growth, shine and healthy strands because the products may have healthier, growth stimulating ingredients and your hair loved the products, this will work if you are consistent with your hair care routine.

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Then there are those ads on grow your hair faster with these products plus ‘stolen’ pictures from naturals with gorgeous, long natural hair to lure us since they know people are desperate to grow out their hair and who doesn’t love a little magic abracadabra and boom your hair goals check. Nothing comes easy in life, if stuff came easy we would never appreciate them.

Don’t waste your hard earned money on magic growth products, growing natural hair is a skill and it’s fun. Have a relationship with your hair know your hair type, porosity, which products nourishes it the most and create a hair regimen that works for you and your hair. Have a look at my hair regimen/routine here.

Products don’t grow your hair they just ‘set the right conditions’ for your hair to flourish. Products plus consistent healthy hair care practices grow out your hair. Do lots of research, practice patience , know your hair better, connect with a hair community and love your hair at every step of the way.

products don't grow hair faster, consider hair care routine

Lastly, I’ll be running a hair challenge to achieve those hair goals on my Facebook group. If you wanna smash them hair goals and connect with your tribe join here. The theme is growth is consistent hair care not products. So, I’ll be using a different product brand and if you wanna try it with me I’ll be sharing the details with you soon.

See you on the next post and thank you for being here, I love and appreciate you all and I would love to know all about your this year’s hair goals, let’s smash them.

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Sharing is Caring

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