Hair care on a budget

How I Cut Down 4C Natural Hair Maintenance Cost.

Natural Hair maintenance cost can high, I mean some natural hair products can be expensive.

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Maintaining natural hair can not only be hectic but a little expensive too. Natural hair care products can be a little costly. I began my natural hair journey while in uni and affording all the hair care products was a pain but my hair flourished or so I think, ‘you have gorgeous hair’ compliment counts right?

Anyways natural hair care doesn’t have to be super expensive and let’s get down to tips on how I cut down my hair maintenance cost.

How I Cut down natural hair Maintenance cost

How I to cut down Natural Hair maintenance cost.

Natural Hair care on a budget

Natural hair products can be super costly especially if you are a student or just struggling financially, the good news is you don’t have to buy all the products and you can try some DIY recipes. I used to purchase instant conditioners/ detanglers but not anymore.

I prepoo using olive and castor oils which also acts as my detangler and I only prepoo when my hair feels super dry. Sometimes my hair feels a little moisturized and on those days I use fresh Aloe Vera gel as my detangler.

The Aloe Vera gel works great as a detangler for me, I spritz water on my hair to dampen it then apply the gel directly on my hair then detangle.

As for deep conditioners, I do alternate between DIY deep conditioner and on-shelf deep conditioner. My DIY conditioner comprises of avocado/ banana/ honey/ Aloe Vera juice and I did add a mango once and the definition was amazing. As for DIY conditioner you have to rinse thoroughly to avoid residue, an itchy scalp and dandruffs.

Here are some of the best moisturizing and protein deep conditioners for soft, strong and moisturized;

Leave-in conditioners, always ensure your crown is moisturized as you cut down the maintenance cost. I moisturize weekly unless if am wearing my hair out and the weather decides it’s time we shared the moisture. About DIY conditioners like Aloe Vera juice, water and glycerine have seen a couple on the internet but yet to try any of them out but if I do I’ll fill you in about it. Catch up with all moisturizing posts here.

Moisturizing leave-in conditioners for shiny, soft and flourishing hair;

Well, I don’t use styling gel or curling cream and I don’t lay my edges too. Now that we got that out of the way, I love a gorgeous laid down puff sometime but since I don’t use a styling gel, I just spritz to dampen my hair then apply leave-in conditioner and use my hair toothbrush to nicely lay my hair.

I do avoid hair extensions for obvious reasons, a lady can’t wear DIY protective styles and salon visits ain’t my cup of tea since some hair dressers ain’t gentle one bit. My to go to protective styles are two strand twists, mini-twists, braids, puffs and lately have been trying cornrows and flat twists.

I also buy rubber bands and bobby pins in bulk because it’s cheaper and I can’t keep buying them every time I lose them. That’s all for now.

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I would love to know how you cut down your hair maintenance cost and share with all the people you love and care about???

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