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Ritah Nthenya: What’s Natural Hair to you.

Hello mane embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my what’s natural hair to you series featuring Ritah Nthenya.

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Who’s Ritah…..describe yourself & the naturalista self.
I am a people person. I love meeting and interacting with new people. It’s always a fun experience for me and I almost always find something in common to talk about. I am sporty and outdoorsy, I enjoy nature walks and running and partying and board games.

At times I enjoy some alone time, this is when I dive into novels or movies and sleep. I am the kind of person who’s always ready for an adventure and new experiences. I would say I am a styling natural. I enjoy playing with my hair and trying out different kinds of styles.

Ritah’s What’s Natural Hair to you.

When did you begin your embracing natural hair journey and how did you transition?

I have been natural all my life. However my hair hasn’t always been healthy. I experienced heavy heat damage after high school which lead to hair breakage especially in the middle part of my head. So in my second year of uni I decided to do the big chop. It was scary at first I didn’t think my hair would ever grow back but it did. I embraced every stage I was in and in all honesty I did enjoy having short hair as it was easy to manage.

Who’s your natural hair inspiration and why are you a natural

I don’t have a specific person that inspired me. I just went on to YouTube and found so many girls sharing their natural hair journey and that is what inspired me. I am a natural because I have always loved my natural hair ever since I was a kid. I love natural hair with its volume, its bounce, its versatility.

What do you love and hate the most about being a natural

My hair is part of who I am, it shows my heritage my ethnicity my culture hence a part of my identity. I hate wash days. It’s a lot of work from detangling to washing to deep conditioning. It also takes a lot of time but I have to do it because it’s important.

What’s the inspiration behind starting your YouTube channel, how often do you post and what’s should we expect from your YouTube channel.

My hair has always been something that most people see first before they see me. And a year after big chop when people saw my growth and how healthy my hair was they wanted to know what my secret is.

So the reason why I started my YouTube channel was to share my hair journey, what I do to keep my hair healthy and I also wanna spread the love for natural hair. I want to inspire all Africans into loving and embracing their natural hair regardless of age and gender.

What’s your top 5 natural hair tips for naturals.

Always work your hair in sections. Always moisturize your hair. Take your time to detangle. Trim your ends regularly and avoid over manipulating your hair, Let your hair breath.

What challenges or struggles have you experienced with your natural hair?

Finding the right product for my hair has been a challenge. It has been a trial and error. Being disciplined with my routine has also been a struggle at times I am lazy and I just don’t want to deal with my hair. Taking care of my ends has also been tricky. They get frizzy and dry most of the time.

Are into hair curl typing or every natural hair is good hair?

I am into healthy hair. And I believe all hair is good hair. I would also like to add that knowing your hair type from your curl pattern to porosity is important because it will help you know how to take good care of your hair and what products and tools to use.

Would ever chop off your hair?

Nope. My goal is waist length so I have to achieve that.

What’s your biggest styling fail ?

I tried flexi rods on wet hair and it was a big fail. My hair didn’t dry well and my texture made it difficult to smooth out my hair.

How to you get off the ‘hair funk’ and give your hair some TLC?

Like I said being disciplined with my hair routine isn’t easy for me. So when I get lazy I would prefer to twist my hair or just hold it into two puffs. I will then moisturize it every day with water and I won’t change the style until I am ready. I also oil my hair about 3 times a week. This is my lazy hair routine. It allows me to do the bare minimum but still take good care of my hair.

What hair advice worked best on your hair?

Moisturizing my hair regularly has worked wonders.

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