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Hair care regimen; Top 7 reasons It isn’t working.

A healthy hair care regimen entails the following processes; pre-shampoo/ pre poo treatment, cleansing, deep conditioning, moisturizing and protective styling. Grab a detailed Ebook on creating a hair care regimen that will help grow your hair and retain length here.

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Hair regimen is very essential for healthy hair growth. So, to achieve the volume, length and healthy hair goals, a healthy foundation(hair regimen) should be your top priority. What does regimen mean? A systematic plan designed to improve and maintain health (of natural hair in this context).

Hair care regimen

A healthy hair care regimen entails the following processes; pre-shampoo/ pre poo treatment, cleansing, conditioning, moisturizing and protective styling. Side note; I’ll be doing a hair regimen series here come late April on May & a eBook on everything hair regimen, my hair regimen over the years, what worked & didn’t will be launched mid-March, how awesome is that?

Why your hair care regimen isn’t working.


For your hair regimen to work, you ought to be consistent with the hair care practices. Consistency is key and don’t expect instant results too, change happens gradually. When building a hair regimen consider your lifestyle, climate, occupation and time(life can be busy.) Let’s say you’re only free on weekends, it would be wise to have your wash day & install protective style then & if you work in construction sites or places you’re exposed to dirt and dust, you ought to clean your hair frequently and wear protective styles to minimize manipulation and damage.

Unhealthy hair care practices.

You’ve your hair regimen planned out & practices consistency but how you handle your hair could be the reason you’re noticing excessive breakage and no hair growth. Unhealthy hair care practices range from manipulating dry hair, excessive combing/brushing and heat styling, skipping or not detangling properly, skipping trims, not moisturizing properly and regularly the list goes on. Check your hair care practices to make sure you’re doing it right.

Wrong products.

Those transitioning and still using the same old products you did with your relaxed hair, am side eyeing you right now. Once you transition, your products should too & when it comes to natural hair products, do research, check reviews and ingredients to know what you’re signing up for. My advice to transitioners, start with products from one brand first don’t start off with products from different brands.

Wrong use of products.

I’ve come across people who don’t differentiate conditioners,  which should be used where and when. I insist, do your research first, don’t start your hair journey blindly you owe your hair the general hair care products knowledge. Other than knowing how to use them be sure to stick to products that work best for your hair.

Too many products.

Sometimes little is more especially when it comes to natural hair. Use of many products causes build up on your scalp resulting in an itchy scalp & weighs down your hair having it look lifeless. You don’t need layers and layers of products, you only need layers of essential products and in the right amount.

Not so protective styles.

Protective styles are meant to give your hair a break from manipulation. So, If you’re constantly pulling and styling your protective style it ceases to be one. Some protective styles are not protective at all, like tightly held styles, styles that need daily combing, brushing or styling and those that keep your ends open.

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Do you have a hair regimen & does it work for you? I would love to know.


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