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Natural Hair goals to chase for healthy Type 4 Hair.

Is it late for which hair goals to chase in 2021, post? What are your this year’s hair goals & do you have a plan on how to achieve them? I would really love to know.

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 I know we all have ideas and pictures on how we want our hair to look like; long, voluminous with definition and so on. Most times we don’t take into consideration the hair care practices that will get us the length, hydration, volume, definition e.t.c and those practices are the goals we ought to chase first. Let’s get down to the 2021 goals;

Healthy Hair Goals

Consistent and healthy hair care regimen/routine.

Well, if you know me, you know how much I preach this. Just like you need a work out & skin care routine, a hair care routine is essential to reach your goals. A healthy hair care regimen is the first step and foundation for achieving your hair goals. Do you have a regimen yet? If not you can check out my hair regimen here & if you have one and still noticing more damage than growth, you might want to check out why your hair regimen isn’t working here. I do have a hair care regimen guide eBook, purchase your copy here.

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Hair goal; volume

Know how your hair behaves and its unique characteristics.

I don’t mean knowing your hair type, texture all that stuff. I know they are important but pay attention to specific details like how your hair feels when you use a certain product, how long it takes to dry or stay moisturized, which protective style helps you retain length, how your hair reacts to changing weather conditions and so on.

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Length retention.

Your hair is always growing but are you retaining the ‘growth’? To smash that length goal, length retention should be your main goal. Minimize breakage, wear protective styles that are protective, don’t over manipulate your hair and for more length retention tips, catch up here.

Scalp care.

A healthy scalp equates to growth of healthy hair. Clean your scalp, moisturize it, don’t cause tension on it by pulling your hair and give it a relaxing and growth stimulating massage. Catch on healthy scalp care practices here.

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Products that your hair loves and hates.

Sometimes an itchy scalp, dry hair or breakage can be a sign that your hair doesn’t love a certain product. Every time you change your product, be keen on how your hair responds to it. As they say your hair is always communicating, just pay attention. Work with products that work best for your hair.

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Loving your hair in its natural state.

Oh yes, this is a goal too. DON’T compare your hair texture, density, definition. Accepting and loving your mane as it is, is where achieving your hair goals starts. Comparison will have you feeling like your hair isn’t growing,  not lush enough or you ain’t doing the hair care thing right.

Natural hair change
hair goals

Healthy hair.

Lastly, healthy hair should be your top goal followed by length, volume & definition. Maintain the moisture – protein balance, protect your hair when sleeping, detangle properly, use the right products for your hair, moisturize regularly and properly etc. Chase healthy hair and everything else will be added to you.

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Other hair practices to focus on;

  • Protecting your hair when sleeping
  • Working with sectioned hair
  • Moisturizing before manipulating, never manipulate dry hair
  • Using wide tooth comb
  • Avoid over manipulating/ styling your hair
  • Moisturize your edges & do regular scalp massages
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