Natural Hair Routine Products

3 Essential Products for Natural Hair Routine.

Do you have a hair care routine? If yes, how many products do you need for your hair routine and which are your go to hair products.

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Natural Hair care products

Back to today’s post,  my hair regimen has changed over the years because when you know better, you do better. It all started with the usual trial and error, figuring out what works best for me and one thing have learned is, less is more when it comes to mostly products and styling/ manipulation.

Have never been a product junkie or use a whole lot of hair products may be because I don’t do much with my hair. My hair is mostly in two strand twists, I just let it be, less manipulation means more length retention and don’t we all love some length? 

First, let me share how my routine looks like as of now. As I said, I rarely manipulate my hair so my routine is pretty simple. I do monthly washes, I used to cleanse my hair and scalp every two weeks but that’s no longer sustainable. I choose to have my routine working for me. I cleanse, deep condition, moisturize, stretch with braids before installing twists which are my go to low manipulation and protective style. I keep my twists for three weeks, unravel them and rock twist outs for a week before washing the hair. You see, I don’t do much when it comes to my hair.

3 products only hair care routine

Back to the products, currently I’m using only three products on my hair. A shampoo, deep conditioner and leave-in or my favorite hydrating butter. Am I into the no oils bandwagon? May be, may be not. For the longest time I’ve had an issue with using oils as sealant because I felt like they created this layer on my hair that made it hard for moisture to penetrate during my in between wash day moisturizing.

I would moisturize and after a while my hair would feel dry, that’s when I switched up to using butters. Loved them for a while because I didn’t need to re-moisturize as often, I would re-moisturize weekly. In my search for the best butters, I came across mosara hydrating butter which worked as both a leave-in and a sealant, I noticed it was moisturizing and thought, let me use it as a leave-in and sealant since it’s a butter too. And since then, I haven’t used any oil on my hair and scalp.

I’ve tried using leave-in only without sealing with an oil or butter and my hair has been thriving and stays moisturized even without using a sealant. I thought to myself, may be I don’t need oils or butters as sealants since most leave-ins if not all have oils and some butters in their ingredient list. My two favorite go to leave-in products are Africa pride coconut oil and baobab oil leave-in and Mosara moisture milk.

The 3 Products in my routine.


Lately I haven’t been doing the pre-shampoo treatment because I ain’t got the time and I noticed there isn’t much difference if I don’t and I mean, I’ll deep condition right after cleansing. I have been meaning to try the African pride pre-shampoo treatment cos of the hype, if you have used it let me know how good is it.

How do I go about detangling? I have been using Africa pride coconut oil and baobab oil leave-in for a minute and I observed that when I spray water on my hair, it activates the products and gives my hair the slip feeling which we all need from a detangler. So, to detangle I just spray water on my hair and get rid of the shed hair and tangles.

After detangling I shampoo using sheth naturals sheba bar or mosara sulphate free shampoo which are gentle cleansers, they don’t strip off the natural oils. I would recommend them especially the bar shampoo.

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Deep Conditioner.

After cleansing, my next step is deep conditioning and a little bit of detangling incase some of my strands decided to hug and curl up on each other. I’m currently trying the vatika hair masque, I thought of trying it when I noticed henna in it’s ingredients list, I mean who doesn’t like some strong hair.

My go to deep conditioner is usually TCB naturals deep penetrating treatment because it has both moisturizing and protein ingredients which makes it a balanced deep conditioner. With this deep conditioner, I don’t need two deep conditioners (moisturizing and protein based deep conditioners.)

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Leave-in conditioners.

After rinsing off the deep conditioner, the next step is to moisturize my mane. For the longest time, I didn’t let my hair air dry before moisturizing because that worked best with moisture retention. Lately have been moisturizing after air drying, I noticed when I apply African pride leave-in on wet or damp hair, it flakes and my hair goes all white but with dry hair it doesn’t flake.

I now install 6 braids after rinsing off the deep conditioner, let my hair air dry then apply leave-in conditioner as I install two strand twists. I don’t use any oil or butter to seal in the moisture, looks like the oils in the leave-in are enough. I don’t oil my scalp, so I don’t use any oils unless when my edges are struggling and that’s when my rosemary infused oil comes through.

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Products I’m currently not using; pre-shampoo treatment, Detanglers, Oils, Butters, Curl Creams, Styling gels, Mousse.

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There you have it curlfriends, those are the only products my hair currently needs and loves.

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