Two strand twist as a protective style

How to do and care for 4C Natural Hair Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists not only look good but they are easy or may be not too easy DIY protective style.

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Two strand twist as a protective style
How to do 4c natural hair twists

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If you’re looking for a DIY protective style to last you a couple of weeks to a month, two strand twists is it for you and on this post, I’ll share how to do or rather install two strand twists on natural hair.

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How to install/ do natural hair two strand twists.

First, start with freshly washed, conditioned and moisturized hair. If you intend to wear the style for weeks to a month, start with clean hair and scalp. You can’t install juicy twists on a dirty almost itchy scalp and/or oily hair.

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Step by step guide on how to do two strand twists

  • You can start off with dry moisturized hair or wet moisturized hair. Wet hair will give you defined twist out while dry hair will give less definition and more length. I prefer dry moisturized and stretched hair, I want me some length.

How to stretch hair at home without heat.

  • Section the hair into 4-8 parts depending on your volume, hold the sections with a scrunchie/ clip. Start twisting a section at a time.

Why you should always work with sectioned hair.

  • Choose how big or small you want your twists. Mini twists last longer than chunky twists though they take more time to install.
  • Section the two strands you wanna twist depending on the size you want, you can apply a curling cream to hold the twists or just twist if your hair doesn’t unravel. To avoid having puffy roots, braid the roots then twist the rest of the hair.
  • Once done with the section, repeat for all sections until you’re done.

How to Maintain two strand twists.

  • Moisturize regularly, twists tend to stay moisturized for longer than when wearing your hair out. So, moisturize as needed. You can either mix your go to leave in with water in your spray bottle and spritz, use a hair mist or spritz water then seal or apply your go to leave in and seal.

How I moisturize my natural hair twists.

  • Always protect your hair when sleeping by wearing a satin bonnet or sleeping on a satin pillowcase
  • If you decide to keep the twist for longer and your scalp start itching, consider washing, conditioning, moisturizing and retwist thereafter.

How to wash natural hair twists.

You basically follow the wash day steps as you would when wearing your hair out.

  • Start with pre-pooing, section your twists and apply your go to pre poo product and let it sit for a couple of minutes before washing.
  • With cleansing you can choose to cleanse a section at atime where you hold the sections and cleanse each at a time or cleanse the whole head at once. I prefer cleansing a section at a time.
  • After cleansing apply a moisturizing deep conditioner along your hair length. Use a shower cap, steamer or thermal cap for a couple of minutes before rinsing off.
  • Moisturize as you would using LOC/ LCO/ LC method. Apply leave in of choice, hydrating/ curling cream then seal with butter/ oil of choice.
  • Once your twists are dry, retwist if needed. Before retwisting detangle to get rid of shed hair and tangles.

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