Two strand twist as a protective style

Twists without puffy roots on Type 4 Natural Hair.

Experienced puffy roots on your twists or rather your twists unravel from the roots? Me too sis and I found a way around it.

puffy roots
unravelling twists

Hello ManEmbracers, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing. Welcome to my blog and be sure to keep it here for everything hair care. 

I noticed my roots get puffy when I install chunky twists(they look so good but don’t serve me for long), and don’t hold the roots firmly, I mean firmly not tight,  when I keep my twists for far too long.

Also, they get puffy when I decide to Co-wash my twists so they can last me a week or two more but we all know how that goes, you have to refresh all the twists or just refresh the visible parts(sides, back & front.)

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What has worked for my puffy roots.

  • Installing smaller twists or rather mini twists. Mini twists hold well and they give me a more defined twist out unlike medium to chunky twists.

All you need to know about mini twists on Type 4 Natural Hair

  • Keep my twists for 3 weeks max , no co-washing or refreshing.
  • Braided roots method- this method works perfect for everyone whose twists get puffy at the roots. You start off by braiding the roots then twist. Check out a tutorial here & don’t forget to follow my page while at it. Medium and chunky twists with a braided base last longer and are easy to install unlike mini twists.
puffy roots
twists unravelling on the roots
Mini twists with a braided base

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img 20201022 wa0018 e1641898286248 edited natural hair care and growth
Twist outs

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