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How to Co-wash 4C Natural hair mini twists

So, I had my first co-wash cos I noticed my scalp gets itchy after two weeks of mini twists simply because I cleanse my hair after two weeks & skipping wash means an itchy scalp. A clean and healthy scalp is essential for growth of lush mane. How do you know it’s time to wash your hair & do you wash your hair and scalp when having a protective style?

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What’s co-washing?

Co-washing simply means conditioner only washing where you wash your hair & scalp with instant / rinse off conditioner only.

10 Best Co-washes & Cleansing conditioners for Natural Hair

co-wash mini twists
Mini twists before conditioner application. Had them in a bun for days.

How to co-wash mini twists.

  • Section your mini twists into 4-6 parts.
How to Co-wash 4C Natural hair mini twists
Sectioned into 4 parts, apply conditioner to the twists in each section & wash each section at a time.
  • Squeeze out enough conditioner to coat the twists from the ends to the root. You’ll need more conditioner since it’s supposed to condition not wash.
How to Co-wash 4C Natural hair mini twists
After applying conditioner
  • Massage the conditioner in your scalp & let it sit for a couple of minutes to be absorbed and break down the oils & dirts.
  • Rinse the conditioner as you massage your scalp to get rid of the build up too. Add more conditioner where needed, massage your scalp & smoothen the product in your strands and rinse properly.
  • Dry the mini twists, moisturize and seal. I moisturized with warm DIY aloe vera juice, sealed with butter and oil.
How to Co-wash 4C Natural hair mini twists
After co-washing, moisturizing & sealing.

Products used

What I loved about co-washing is how my scalp felt clean, fresh and the mini twists felt soft, moisturized, looked so lush and they didn’t unravel as I thought they would. If you intend to keep them for longer it’s wise to refresh / redo them.

A fellow natural, Joanne,  founder of Grow African Hair Long shared a tutorial on how she cleanses her mini twists. Check it out here.

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