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Natural hair length retention with mini twists challenge

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Is length retention and growth your hair goal? Well, welcome to the tribe. I am on a length retention and growth challenge with mini twists. Basically I’m tryna grow and retain as much length as possible by wearing mini twists as my protective style for 2-3 weeks cos I notice more length and growth with mini twists. I did an article on growing hair with twists, catch up here. 

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Have been sharing about how the challenge is rolling out on my instagram & facebook page,  you need to check that out.

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I began the challenge in February and so far the results are noticeable, I am super jazzed to keep on with the challenge. Other than retaining length, the challenge is to keep me rooted to consistent Hair care cos I noticed sometimes I sorta neglect my hair for days but with challenge I’ve to give my all, I love challenges and failing is never an option for me.

Growth and length retention challenge with mini twists

Products used

mini twists challenge

February hair care routine.

  • Pre Poo and detangled using forgrac naturals rinse-off conditioner.
  • Shampooed with forgrac naturals clarifying shampoo. 
  • Since the shampoo dried out my hair, I had to deep condition asap to restore the moisture. I used DIY aloe vera and oil as my deep conditioner.
  • Rinsed out the conditioner, moisturized with DIY aloe Vera juice and sealed with Bantu naturals kinks softening butter then installed six braids and let my hair air dry.
  • Once my hair was dry, I installed the mini twists, moisturized them and held them in a bun.
  • Moisturized the mini twists every other day with only water and sealed with forgrac hair butter.
  • Alternated wearing my twists in a low & high bun, flat twists and letting them out. Keeping the ends tucked is the goal for me.
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Twist out

March hair care routine.

  • Didn’t pre poo cos my hair felt soft and moisturized. I did spritz water only to detangle.
  • Shampooed with forgrac naturals clarifying shampoo.
  • Deep conditioned with forgrac naturals rinse- off conditioner and no, rinse- off conditioners ain’t for deep conditioning. I just love the product, it’s super moisturizing and I do break rules sometimes.
  • After rinsing off the conditioner, I moisturized with DIY aloe Vera juice and sealed with Bantu naturals kinks softening butter and ideal castor oil for the ends.
  • Let my hair air dry and install mini twists.
  • Moisturized after every 2-3 days using warm DIY aloe Vera juice and sealed with Bantu naturals butter and ideal castor oil for the ends.
  • Two weeks into the protective style, I noticed I had an itchy scalp just like the previous month. I clean my hair after every two weeks and days after the two weeks I get the wash your hair now alarm(itchy scalp)
  • I co-washed my twists. Check the post I did about co-washing mini twists here
  • Took down the mini twists ready for wash day and will install them again for the challenge

I intend to keep on with the challenge as long as I can, so wish me luck and join me, don’t let me do this alone guys.

Have you ever had a length retention or growth challenge? How did that work for you?

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