You are currently viewing 3 Forgrac Naturals Hair products review.

3 Forgrac Naturals Hair products review.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with forgrac naturals for my natural hair growth and length retention challenge and it’s time for a quick review.

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hair regimen pre poo step.. used forgrac naturals rinse off
This is forgrac naturals rinse-off conditioner’s doing.

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Forgrac Naturals Products Review

Forgrac products used

  • Bamboo shampoo
  • Rinse – off conditioner
  • Hair butter.

Bamboo shampoo.

The first thing you’ll notice about the shampoo is the heavenly peppermint scent. It’s a clarifying shampoo meaning the cleansing will be perfectly done but be sure to follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner to restore moisture. I will recommend this to every person that struggles with build up or uses loads of creams and gels.

My hair didn’t love the shampoo, got it dry like crazy even after doing a pre poo but I loved the peppermint scent & that’s why I’ll use it once in a while because after using it for the second time, I thought of following up with their rinse off conditioner and there was pure magic. The instant conditioner did its thing( my hair was super moisturized and soft). This is why I always advocate on using products from the same brand cos they always work perfectly together.

So, if you’re to use the shampoo, follow up with the instant conditioner which restores the moisture.

Rinse – off conditioner.

forgrac naturals rinse off

This has to be my favorite forgrac naturals product and not because it restores moisture instantly but because it’s an amazing detangler and pre poo product. Struggling with tangles and dry hair? This is the product for you.

I did a before and after pre poo images and the benefits of its ingredients on my Instagram which you ought to check out here. Ain’t gonna say much you have a  look and be the judge.

Hair butter.

My second favorite product, it’s a light butter with Shea butter, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, neem oil & palm kernel oil as its ingredients. Perfect sealant for low porosity hair since it’s light, you don’t have to worry about build up.

The fact that it has antimicrobial tea tree oil which soothes the scalp and treats dandruff makes it the best for itchy & dandruff prone scalp. I love the soothing effect it gives every time I massage my scalp with it & I would definitely recommend it.

They do have more skin and hair care products. Check them out & where to purchase the products here.

3 Forgrac Naturals Hair products review.

Have you used forgrac naturals before? Did they work for your hair?

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      Ooh no, one step at a time you will have it all figured out… Moisturize half of your hair and leave the other half after washing and let the hair dry, you’ll get to know how your moisturized & dry hair feel like… Am a DM away if you need help😉💜💜💜

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