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Why You Should Pre poo Type 4 Natural Hair

Hello mane embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

Most times when I ask someone if they pre poo prior to washing their hair, they give a pre what now look. Like Val what’re talking about? And today is the day I get to explain pre poo in details for you all who don’t know what it is and for those who have just heard about it.

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Pre poo
Why you should pre poo your 4c hair
Dry brittle hair.

What’s pre poo?

Pre poo is an abbreviation for pre shampoo and it’s a before shampoo moisturizing and protective treatment for your hair. Pre shampoo treatment offers a protective layer to help reduce the stripping of natural oils and drying effects of shampoo.

Why pre poo?

Other than protecting your hair from the stripping and drying effect of shampoo, pre poo treatment also; 

  • Restores moisture/moisturizes dry and brittle hair
  • Softens and gives shine to hair
  • Eases the detangling process. Struggling with detangling? Got tips to help ease detangling here.
  • Strengthens and adds shine to your hair.
  • Keeps hair healthy and promotes growth.

Who should pre poo?

Pre poo is an essential step for anyone with dry and weak hair & if you’ve been wearing a protective style for long be sure to pre poo especially if your hair is dry and tangled.

When your hair feels moisturized, you can skip pre poo to avoid over moisturized hair/ hygral fatigue. You only need to spritz your hair with water to activate the products to ease detangling.

Which ingredients/products do you need?

Oils– use your favorite oil(coconut, olive, argan) to restore moisture, repairs and strengthen your hair.

Conditionermoisturizing instant conditioners are perfect for pre poo and the best are those that give a good slip for detangling.

Aloe Vera gel– freshly extracted Aloe Vera gel will not only restore moisture and give a good slip but also soothes the scalp and help treat dandruff . You can check out how I extract and use Aloe Vera as a pre poo and detangler here.

Butters– Shea butter, mango butter moisturizes, softens, promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair.

How to apply pre poo products.

  • Section your hair into 4-10 depending on your volume and length.
  • Apply the oil, conditioner or butter on dry hair. Apply from the roots to the tip then finger detangle as you add more product where needed.
  • If the product has an instant good slip, detangle with your fingers then run a wide tooth comb through the length to properly detangle.
  • Twist each section after application so the hair doesn’t shrink back and tangle.
  • Wear your shower cap and wrap a towel for the products to penetrate your strands  or you can use a thermal cap or steamer,  you can purchase them here.

How long should the products sit on your hair?

How long the products sit on your hair depends on your hair. You can have them stay for 30 minutes to overnight but beware of over moisturizing your hair.

I only have oils sit overnight. As for conditioners and aloe vera gel I keep them for at least an hour before cleansing my hair.

Start out with 30 minutes as you progress to find out the duration that works best for your hair.

I used FORGRAC NATURALS rinse- off bamboo conditioner to prepoo, you can catch up with them here to see their products or make a purchase. 

Why You Should Pre poo Type 4 Natural Hair
forgrac naturals rinse off conditioner

Lemme know if you pre poo and what you use for your pre poo treatment and don’t forget to share this with anyone who might benefit from this. Let’s catch up on Instagram here.

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