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8 Signs of Healthy Natural Hair.

In today’s post we talk healthy natural hair. How do you tell that your hair is healthy? More growth, hair got the shine, holds styles and got elasticity.

Hello ManEmbracers, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing. Welcome to my blog and be sure to keep it here for everything hair care. 

I know some if not all of us have been at a point where we questioned if our hair is really healthy and if you are doing everything right by your hair? 

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How to know your hair is healthy
Signs of healthy hair
How to know your hair is healthy
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At the start of my hair journey I didn’t bother much about my hair being healthy, my focus was into avoiding salon visits but as I learn’t & researched about hair, I started being more conscious on what I use on my hair, if it’s working, what to do better and stop doing.

Your hair can be growing and still have you wondering if it’s healthy. Sitting there trynna figure if your hair is healthy? Well, read on…

Is your Natural hair healthy? Signs of Healthy Hair

  • Minimal to no breakage
  • Elasticity
  • Retains Moisture
  • Shine
  • Minimal to no split ends


Elasticity means the ability of your hair curls to stretch and bounce without breaking. Take a small section of your hair, gently pull, release it and watch as the curls bounce back. If the curls bounce back without a problem, your hair is healthy. If it doesn’t or stretches and snaps easily it means you’ve got a hair issue.

Reason why hair loses elasticity or doesn’t bounce back is because of hair damage or your hair needs protein treatment treatments. While doing protein treatments, also use moisturizing deep conditioners to maintain the moisture- protein balance. Note that hair that lacks elasticity is prone to breakage since it can’t withstand damage from manipulation.

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Hair shines because light reflects off the hair cuticle. How do you check your hair’s shine? After cleansing your hair before applying any leave-in or oil, dry a section of hair, how does your strands look? Dull or shiny? The degree of shine is different; some hair textures have more shine than others.

Side note; you can “manufacture” shine by using oils and some leave-in too if shine means a lot to you.

Retains Moisture.

Moisture is so essential for hair manageability, health and look, without moisture our hair looks dull, dry, tangles easily and is prone to breakage.

Unhealthy hair is difficult to get and retain moisture. Our hair absorbs & retains moisture depending on porosity type. Know your porosity type,  how to moisturize and which products to use. If you know your porosity type, doing right by your porosity but still isn’t retaining moisture, watch out for damage.

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Little to No Breakage.

Breakage is inevitable due to manipulation and friction with clothes and other surfaces. Healthy hair has elasticity, strength, retains moisture and barely breaks. 

Breakage is usually a moisture, lack of elasticity, damage and over manipulation issue. Keep your hair moisturized & do protein treatments when needed to maintain elasticity and hair strength.

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Other tell tale signs;

  • Hair keeps growing in length & is full, thick
  • Normal shed hair
  • Hair is silky soft and manageable
  • You love your hair and feel confident.

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How do you tell your hair is healthy?

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